Hispanic-American Members Who Served Without Committee Assignments in the U.S. House

In some instances, House Members have served without committee assignments. Initially, House Rules prevented Territorial Delegates and Resident Commissioners from serving on committees.

Joseph Marion Hernández (FL)1822–182317th Congress (1821–1823)
José Manuel Gallegos (D-NM)
33rd–34th Congresses (1853–1857);
42nd Congress (1871–1873)
Miguel Antonio Otero (D-NM)1856–186134th–36th Congresses (1855–1861)
Francisco Perea (R-NM)1863–186538th Congress (1863–1865)
José Francisco Chaves (R-NM)1865–187139th–41st Congresses (1865–1871)
Trinidad Romero (R-NM)1877–187945th Congress (1877–1879)
Federico Degetau (R-PR)1901–190357th Congress (1901–1903)
Luis Muñoz Rivera (U-PR)1913–191563rd Congress (1913–1915)
Antonio Fernós-Isern (PD-PR)1945–194779th Congress (1945–1947)
Ed Pastor (D-AZ)1991–1992101st Congress (1989–1991)
Albio Sires (D-NJ)2006–2007109th Congress (2005–2007)