Oral History of the House

Learn about the history of the U.S. House of Representatives through the perspectives of those who lived it. The oral history program provides a vivid picture of the inner workings of Congress during some of the most influential times in our country’s modern history. These interviews discuss the people, events, institutions, and objects of the ever-evolving House of Representatives.

Featured Exhibit: The Long Struggle for Representation: Oral Histories of African Americans in Congress

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the election of Joseph H. Rainey of South Carolina, the first Black Member of the U.S. House, listen to interviews of African-American Representatives, staff, and family members.


Browse a list of interviewees and transcripts of former Representatives, House Officers, Member aides, committee staff, support staff, and family of Members.


Explore projects and documentaries that chronicle specific events and themes in House history, including women in Congress, civil rights legislation, and World War II.


Read blogs featuring House oral histories.

Educational Resources

Utilize lesson plans and teaching tips to incorporate information from oral history interviews in the classroom.


Learn more about the oral history program, editing practices, and rights and reproductions.