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Whereas: Stories from the People’s House

November 22, 2022

New on Records Search: The Emergence of Modern America to the Contemporary United States (1890–Present)

New primary sources added to Records Search are ready to use in the classroom. Explore records from the emergence of modern America to the contemporary United States (1890–present). Each document includes a downloadable PDF of the record, primary source analysis worksheet, and transcription if the document is handwritten.
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Oral History

U.S. Declarations of War in 1941

Early in the afternoon on December 8, 1941, Irving Swanson sat at the rostrum of the House and stared into a packed chamber. A few feet away, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war against Japan following its attack on Pearl Harbor the day before. Swanson, the reading clerk, recorded the vote approving military action. Watch as he describes the atmosphere in the chamber, the decision by Montana Representative Jeannette Rankin to oppose the war, and his experience reading the declarations of war against Germany and Italy.
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