Historical Data

Congressional Hispanic Caucus, 1980/tiles/non-collection/p/part4_02_chc3_na.xml Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus meet, circa 1980s. From left to right: Solomon Ortiz of Texas; Robert Garcia of New York; Bill Richardson of New Mexico (standing); Albert Bustamante of Texas; Esteban Torres of California; and Matthew Martínez of California.
The following lists were developed to answer reference questions often posed by Member offices, researchers, and the general public. We have also included historic political songs that served as illustrations in the print publication. Forty-nine of the 137 Hispanics who have served in Congress are current Members—43 in the House and six in the Senate. In total, there have been 129 Hispanic Members of the House of Representatives and eleven Senators. Four have served in both chambers.

Delegate Joseph Marion Hernández of Florida became the first Hispanic American to serve in Congress in 1822. Romualdo Pacheco of California was the first Hispanic Representative in 1877. There have been 24 Hispanic-American women who have served in Congress. The first Hispanic-American woman elected to Congress, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, won election to the House in 1989.