Hispanic-American Familial Connections in Congress

Children Who Have Succeeded Their Parents

Siblings Who Have Served In Congress

Cousins Who Have Served In Congress

Miscellaneous Familial Connections In Congress1


1A number of Delegates from the New Mexico Territory had family ties through marriage. For instance, Miguel Antonio Otero, was related by marriage to José Francisco Chaves and Tranquilino Luna. Otero’s nephew Mariano Sabino Otero was related by marriage to Francisco Perea and Pedro Perea. For a detailed description, see Miguel Otero, Jr., to Ansel Wold, 9 November 1928, textual files of the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, Office of the Historian, U.S. House of Representatives. For background and detailed explanations about the family ties between the New Mexico Delegates, see Carlos Brazil Ramirez, “The Hispanic Political Elite in Territorial New Mexico: A Study of Classical Colonialism,” (Ph.D. Diss., University of California, Santa Barbara, 1979): 22–26, 284–288, 298, 300–301, 306–307.