Fact Sheets

Brush up on House history with a series of fact sheets on Speakers, the House Rostrum, Official Records, and other related topics. A starting point for research projects or inquiries about the House, these overviews can be used in the classroom or for quick reference.

<em>Hispanic Americans in Congress</em>

Hispanic Americans in Congress

Learn about Hispanic Americans who served in Congress. Joseph Hernández, Romualdo Pacheco, and Henry González are a few of the Hispanic-American Members who have made history in the House.

<em>Black Americans in Congress</em><em><br /></em>

Black Americans in Congress

Review a brief synopsis of Black Americans who have served in Congress. Joseph Rainey, William Dawson, and Gus Hawkins are a few of the African-American Members who have made history in the House.

House Committees

House Committees

Discover facts and milestones about the House committee system, which plays an integral role in the work conducted by Congress.

House Rostrum

House Rostrum

Learn about the significance of the symbols in the House Chamber. From the mace to the inkstand, the House Rostrum is steeped in history and tradition.

Official Records of the House of Representatives

Official Records of the House of Representatives

Read about the ins and outs of House Records. Public proceedings and the behind-the-scenes work of congressional staff are captured by a large volume of documents each Congress.

Speakers of the House

Speakers of the House

Find out more about the most powerful Representatives in the House. As Speakers, Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg, Henry Clay, Joseph Cannon, and Sam Rayburn left their mark on history and in the House.

<em>Women in Congress </em>

Women in Congress

Test your knowledge of women who have served in Congress. Jeannette Rankin, Mary Norton, and Shirley Chisholm are a few of the women Members who have made history in the House.

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Take #UncleJoeOnTheGo

Illinois Speaker Joseph G. "Uncle Joe" Cannon wants to visit the 435 congressional districts to learn more about the United States and beyond. Help our cigar chomping, domino playing Speaker by taking him along on your travels or just to show him a slice of your hometown.

Visiting the Capitol

Information and tips for teachers and school groups planning a trip to the U.S. Capitol.