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Edition for Educators—Mothers in Congress

Striking a balance between work and family has long been a central part of the lives of working women—no less so for Members of Congress. This month’s Edition for Educators highlights stories of motherhood in Congress.

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Edition for Educators—National Poetry Month

This Edition for Educators celebrates the tradition of poetry in all its forms in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Signed and Sealed

Seal Detail of A Celebration of the Life of The Honorable Robert T. Matsui Program
In 1794, the House amended its rules to include the stipulation that an official seal be used for “all writs, warrants, or subpoenas, issued by the order of House.” More than two centuries later, the Clerk of the House continues to impress the House Seal, whose use is protected by law, on the House’s official documents.

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“Out to Offer the Services of the Library”

In the mid-twentieth century, bookmobile service boomed in large part because of an act of Congress. The Library Services Act of 1956 opened access to library resources in rural areas by providing matching grants to the states and territories. Many jurisdictions used this funding to purchase bookmobiles. The Library Services Act transformed the relationship between the federal government and one of America’s oldest institutions: the public library.

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Edition for Educators—Behind the Scenes: Pathbreaking Women Staff

This Edition for Educators explores the experiences of women who—through their challenges and triumphs—have transformed Congress and opened new opportunities for others to work in government.

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