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“The House of Representatives, in some respects, I think, is the most peculiar assemblage in the world,” Speaker Joe Cannon of Illinois once observed. Behind the legislation and procedure, House Members and staff have produced their own institutional history and heritage. Our blog, Whereas: Stories from the People’s House, tells their stories.

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New House Portrait: Patsy Takemoto Mink

Portrait of Patsy Takemoto Mink
Today, the House of Representatives unveiled a new portrait of Representative Patsy Mink. The first woman of color and first Asian-American woman elected to Congress, in 1964, Mink’s work led to significant changes in education in the United States, including Title IX of the Education Act of 1972.
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Recent Artifacts Online, Spring 2022

Detail of the Page Call System Card
Collections Search is blooming with springtime additions! They join the thousands of paintings, photos, and artifacts that are already available online.
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Recent Artifacts Online, Winter 2022

Detail of William Levi Dawson, Jet Magazine Cover
Take a look at newly digitized artifacts in Collections Search. They join the thousands already available online, from portraits to ribbons.
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Classroom Ready: A New Prohibition Primary Source Set

Composite image of a Prohibition-related letter and photo
Dive into America’s infamous dry period with our new primary source set on Prohibition, geared to teachers and students.
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Recent Additions to Records Search

Detail of Harriet Tubman’s Pension Claim
Among the primary sources recently added to Records Search, you can find House records related to the postal service, presidential messages, women in war, and other themes. Expand your knowledge of the historical and institutional context of these subjects by exploring the records.
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Best of the Blog in 2021

In 2021, the Office of the Historian and the Office of Art and Archives published 37 blog posts on a range of topics, including the last Doorkeeper, the fight for fair housing, a state lottery under congressional investigation, and the trailblazing women who worked and served in the 93rd Congress (1973–1975). While we plan new stories for 2022, we’ve looked back and selected six of our favorite and most-discussed posts for readers to revisit.
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The House’s Puzzling Pastime

Crossword puzzles became popular in America in the late 1920s, running as regular features in newspapers and published as compilations in puzzle books. Their popularity even led to a song: “Cross-word mamma, you puzzle me (But papa’s gonna figure you out).” In keeping with that history and in honor of December’s National Crossword Puzzle Day, we present to you a History, Art, & Archives puzzle to enjoy.
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Recent Artifacts Online, Fall 2021

House Restaurant Teacup
All year, newly digitized artifacts join the thousands already available online. Take a look at a few added this autumn, and browse more of the House’s most eye-catching and recognizable objects at Collections Search.
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National History Day 2022: “Debate and Diplomacy: Success, Failures, and Consequences”

Members of Congress debating in the 1890s
Finding research topics to inspire students competing in National History Day (NHD) can be challenging. To help start their projects, the History, Art & Archives team has listed a few topics that fit with this year’s theme: “Debate and Diplomacy: Success, Failures, and Consequences.” Use these resources—pulled from different sections of our website—to start on a new project.
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The First Resource

Debuting the week of November 9, 1998, the Online Biographical Directory of the United States Congress combined three key components to help users discover more about every Member of Congress: biographical information, the location and scope of known research collections, and a list of published material in a bibliography. Now the “Bioguide” is entering the 21st Century at long last.
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Best of the Blog in 2020

This year, the Office of the Historian and the Office of Art and Archives published 44 blog posts on a range of topics, including congressional nicknames, stamp collecting, the apportionment process, and the 1870 election of Joseph Hayne Rainey, the first Black Member of the House of Representatives. As we reflect on a tumultuous and difficult year, we’ve selected eight of our favorite and most discussed posts for readers to revisit.

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We’ve Redesigned Our Oral History Section

In August 2020, we launched the redesigned Oral History section of the website. The new design makes it easier to browse all interviewees, filter by their positions and service dates, and access all available full transcripts in PDF format. The highlight of the redesign is a searchable database of oral history audio and video clips. Users can use a free text search and filter clips by events, themes, or interview subjects.
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