Whereas: Stories from the People’s House

Did House Records Solve a Mystery? #AskAnArchivist and Find Out

On October 1st, House Archivist Robin Reeder put down her acid-free folders and picked up her keyboard to answer questions on Twitter. During #AskAnArchivist day, readers asked questions big and small. Robin discussed challenges, historic events, rare documents, and a mystery involving Watergate records.

Questions included: What do you archive?

What is your favorite item in the collection?

What’s your oldest record?

Is there a document in your collection that’s particularly rare or unusual?

What historic events does your collection document?

What items are difficult to archive?

Do Members and staffers look at archived records when drafting new legislation?

Can you share an example of a time when your collections helped solve a mystery?

Robin ended with a final image of important House records, rediscovered in 1938 when House staff uncovered the documents in the Capitol attic.

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