Whereas: Stories from the People’s House

#AskAnArchivist about #HouseRecords

Robin Reeder, the House Archivist, took a break from the records of the House to participate in the very first #AskAnArchivist day, October 30th, on Twitter. Organized by the Society of American Archivists, #AskAnArchivist day gave students and researchers the opportunity to ask questions about collections and archiving.

Here are some of the questions (and answers) fielded about #HouseRecords.

“What is the largest single item you have archived?”

“Are the House archives open to outside researchers?”

“What is the most interesting piece of history you have conserved/preserved?”

“What would you just LOVE to show someone or help them research?”

“What’s the most challenging collection or series you’ve worked on?”

“What is the most unique, surprising item in your archives?”

“Do all archivists have very orderly closets and kitchen drawers, or do you keep work at work?”

In addition to tweeting about textual records,

...she explained that...

Then Robin shared one last #AskAnArchivist tweet:

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