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Toby Moffett Congressional Campaign Poster Featuring an Abstract Artwork by Alexander Calder Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
About this object
Featuring a painting by Alexander Calder, this congressional campaign poster is part of the House Collection.
Home to more than 13,000 artifacts and works of art, the House Collection encompasses the entire sweep of the institution’s history. The objects are woven into a grand narrative that reflects the relationship between material culture and the history of the nation’s legislature. Photographs, historic tools used each day in the House, and even 1970s pop albums document the people, history and ideas that have shaped the institution.

The House displays hundreds of artworks in the historical spaces where the nation’s laws are made. These objects make up only a portion of the collection, however. Visitors to this website can browse thousands more in Collections Search, and still only see a small portion of the House's holdings. The curatorial staff welcomes inquiries about objects not yet digitized. 

The Office of Art and Archives cares for the collection and makes it accessible to the widest possible public. The House Curator actively collects objects related to the House’s heritage. For questions about the House's material culture or donating to the collection, please direct email to or call 202-226-1300.