Photograph of records in old cabinets Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration
Since the very first records were created that documented the earliest steps of a new government to the records generated by present-day committees, the U.S. House of Representatives has always recognized the historical importance of its records.The Archives staff in the Office of Art and Archives (OAA) in the Office of the Clerk process and describe the records of the House and oversee their eventual safe transfer to the National Archives. OAA works closely with House committees and officers to manage their current records and identify records for permanent retention for future use by the committee and researchers. OAA provides management advice to Members for their congressional papers.

Throughout this website we’ve highlighted records that tell the story of the important work of the Members of Congress and their staff, but also the voices of the people who they represent. We’ve also provided resources that make House records more accessible and understandable. In combination with the historical facts and publications and art and objects, the site provides a multifaceted history of the “People’s House.” Please note that the official records of the House of Representatives are preserved and made accessible at the Center for Legislative Archives, although the records remain the property of the House of Representatives and subject to its rules.

Please note that access to House records is only available through the Center for Legislative Archives. If you are interested in accessing any open House Records please contact the Center at 202-357-5350, For questions for the House’s Archives staff, please email or call 202-226-1300.