House Members Who Received Electoral Votes for Vice President

Sixty-one former Members of the House have received at least one Electoral College vote for Vice President. Twenty-five Representatives have served as Vice President. Nine former House Members have received Electoral College votes for both President and Vice President in separate elections; four former House Members received Electoral College votes for President and Vice President in the same election. Twelve sitting House Members have received Electoral College votes as Vice Presidential candidates. Two sitting Speakers, Schuyler Colfax of Indiana (1868) and John Nance Garner of Texas (1932) have been elected to the vice presidency.

The following chart identifies these individuals seeking the office of Vice President. Also included are dates of House service and the party affiliation under which they received electoral votes. Candidates who were successful in their election for Vice President are identified in bold. Those who served as Speaker of the House are identified in italics.*

Note: Vice Presidential campaigns where no former House Member received electoral votes are marked N/A.

Election YearIndividual (House Service)StatePartyVotes Received
2020Mike Pence (2001–2013)IndianaRepublican232
2016Mike Pence (2001–2013)IndianaRepublican305
2016Maria Cantwell (1993–1995)WashingtonDemocrat1
2012Paul Ryan (1999–2019)WisconsinRepublican206
2008N/A- - -
2004Richard B. Cheney (19791989)WyomingRepublican286
2000Richard B. Cheney (19791989)WyomingRepublican271
1996Albert Gore, Jr. (19771985)TennesseeDemocrat379
1996Jack F. Kemp (1971–1989)New YorkRepublican159
1992Albert Gore, Jr. (19771985)TennesseeDemocrat370
1992Dan Quayle (1977–1981)IndianaRepublican168
1988Dan Quayle (1977–1981)IndianaRepublican426
1988Lloyd M. Bentsen (19481955)TexasDemocrat111
1984George H. W. Bush (19671971)TexasRepublican525
1984Geraldine A. Ferraro (1979–1985) New YorkDemocrat13
1980George H. W. Bush (19671971)TexasRepublican489
1976Robert J. "Bob" Dole (1961–1969)KansasRepublican241
1972N/A-- -
1968N/A- - -
1964William E. Miller (1951–1965)New YorkRepublican52
1960Lyndon Baines Johnson (19371949)TexasDemocrat303
1956Richard M. Nixon (19471950)CaliforniaRepublican457
1956Estes Kefauver (1939–1949)TennesseeDemocrat73
1952Richard M. Nixon (19471950)CaliforniaRepublican442
1952John J. Sparkman (1937–1946)AlabamaDemocrat89
1948Alben W. Barkley (19131927)KentuckyDemocrat303
1944N/A- - -
1940N/A- - -
1936John Nance Garner (19031933)TexasDemocrat523
1932John Nance Garner (19031933) TexasDemocrat472
1932Charles Curtis (1893–1907)KansasRepublican59
1928Charles Curtis (1893–1907)KansasRepublican444
1928Joseph T. Robinson (1903–1913)ArkansasDemocrat87
1924N/A-- -
1920N/A- --
1912N/A-- -
1908James S. Sherman (1887–1891, 1893–1909)New YorkRepublican321
1904N/A- - -
1900Adlai E. Stevenson (18751877, 18791881)IllinoisDemocrat155
1896Thomas E. Watson (18911893)GeorgiaPopulist27
1892Adlai E. Stevenson (1875–1877, 1879–1881)IllinoisDemocrat277
1888Levi P. Morton (18791881)New YorkRepublican233
1888Allen G. Thurman (1845–1847)OhioDemocrat168
1884Thomas A. Hendricks (1851–1855)IndianaDemocrat219
1884John A. Logan (1859–1862, 1867–1871)IllinoisRepublican182
1880William Hayden English (1853–1861)IndianaDemocrat155
1876William A. Wheeler (18611863, 18691877)New YorkRepublican185
1876Thomas A. Hendricks (1851–1855)IndianaDemocrat184
1872Alfred H. Colquitt (1853–1855)GeorgiaDemocrat5
1872George Washington Julian (1849–1851, 1861–1871)IndianaLiberal Republican5
1872Nathaniel P. Banks (1853–1857, 1865–1873, 1875–1879, 1889–1891)MassachusettsLiberal Republican1
1872William S. Groesbeck (1857–1859)OhioDemocrat/
Liberal Republican
1868Schuyler Colfax (1855–1869) IndianaRepublican214
1868Francis P. Blair (1857–1859, 1860, 1861–1862, 1863–1864)MissouriDemocrat80
1864Andrew Johnson (18431853)1TennesseeRepublican212
1864George H. Pendleton (1857–1865)OhioDemocrat21
1860Hannibal Hamlin (1843–1847)MaineRepublican180
1860Joseph Lane (1851–1859)OregonSouthern Democrat72
1860Edward Everett (1825–1835)MassachusettsConstitutional Union39
1856John C. Breckinridge (18511855)KentuckyDemocrat174
1852William R. King (18111816)AlabamaDemocrat254
1848Millard Fillmore (18331835, 18371843)2New YorkAmerican/
1848William O. Butler (1839–1843)KentuckyDemocrat127
1844N/A- - -
1840John Tyler (18161821)3VirginiaWhig234
1840Richard M. Johnson (1807–1819, 1829–1837)KentuckyDemocrat48
1840Littleton W. Tazewell (1800–1801)VirginiaDemocrat11
1840James K. Polk (1825–1839)TennesseeDemocrat1
1836Richard M. Johnson (1807–1819, 1829–1837)KentuckyDemocrat147
1836Francis Granger (1835–1837, 1839–1841, 1841–1843)New YorkWhig77
1836John Tyler (1816–1821)VirginiaWhig47
1832John Sergeant (1815–1823, 1827–1829, 1837–1841)PennsylvaniaNational Republican49
1832William Wilkins (1843–1844)PennsylvaniaDemocrat30
1828John C. Calhoun (1811–1817)South CarolinaDemocrat171
1824John C. Calhoun (1811–1817)South CarolinaDemocratic-Republican182
1824Andrew Jackson (1796–1797)TennesseeDemocratic-Republican13
1824Nathaniel Macon (1791–1815)North CarolinaDemocratic-Republican24
1824Henry Clay (1811–1814, 1815–1821, 1823–1825)Kentucky Democratic-Republican2
1820Richard Stockton (1813–1815)New JerseyFederalist8
1820Daniel Rodney (1822–1823)DelawareFederalist4
1820Robert Goodloe Harper (1795–1801)MarylandFederalist1
1816John Marshall (1799–1800)VirginiaFederalist4
1816Robert Goodloe Harper (1795–1801)MarylandFederalist3
1812Elbridge Gerry (1789–1793)MassachusettsDemocratic-Republican131
1808James Madison (1789–1797)Virginia Democratic-Republican3
1788N/A- --


*Source: Guide to U.S. Elections, 6th ed., vol. 1 (Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Press, 2010): 892–894.

1Succeeded Abraham Lincoln after his assassination on April 14, 1865.

2Succeeded Zachary Taylor after his death on July 9, 1850.

3Succeeded William Henry Harrison after his death on April 4, 1841.