Women Members by State and Territory, 1917–Present

This table is supplemented by an interactive map of the United States and is based on information drawn from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. States are listed in alphabetical order. Names are followed by the Congress in which the Representative or Senator first took office.

The following states and territories have never elected or appointed a woman to Congress: Northern Mariana Islands and Vermont.

State or Territory Name First Took Office Service
AL GRAVES, Dixie Bibb 75th (1937-1939) Senate
AL ANDREWS, Elizabeth Bullock 92nd (1971-1973) House
AL ALLEN, Maryon Pittman 95th (1977-1979) Senate
AL ROBY, Martha 112th (2011-2013) House
AL SEWELL, Terri 112th (2011-2013) House
AK MURKOWSKI, Lisa 107th (2001-2003) Senate
American Samoa
AS RADEWAGEN, Aumua Amata Coleman 114th (2015-2017) House
AZ GREENWAY, Isabella Selmes 73rd (1933-1935) House
AZ ENGLISH, Karan 103rd (1993-1995) House
AZ GIFFORDS, Gabrielle 110th (2007-2009) House
AZ KIRKPATRICK, Ann 111th (2009-2011) House
AZ SINEMA, Kyrsten 113th (2013-2015) House
AZ MCSALLY, Martha 114th (2015-2017) House
AZ LESKO, Debbie 115th (2017-2019) House
AR OLDFIELD, Pearl Peden 70th (1927-1929) House
AR WINGO, Effiegene Locke 71st (1929-1931) House
AR CARAWAY, Hattie Wyatt 72nd (1931-1933) Senate
AR NORRELL, Catherine Dorris 87th (1961-1963) House
AR LINCOLN, Blanche Lambert 1 103rd (1993-1995) House
CA NOLAN, Mae Ella 67th (1921-1923) House
CA KAHN, Florence Prag 69th (1925-1927) House
CA DOUGLAS, Helen Gahagan 79th (1945-1947) House
CA BURKE, Yvonne Brathwaite 93rd (1973-1975) House
CA PETTIS, Shirley Neil 94th (1975-1977) House
CA FIEDLER, Bobbi 97th (1981-1983) House
CA BOXER, Barbara 2 98th (1983-1985) House
CA BURTON, Sala Galante 98th (1983-1985) House
CA PELOSI, Nancy 100th (1987-1989) House
CA FEINSTEIN, Dianne 102nd (1991-1993) Senate
CA WATERS, Maxine 102nd (1991-1993) House
CA ESHOO, Anna Georges 103rd (1993-1995) House
CA HARMAN, Jane L. 103rd (1993-1995) House
CA ROYBAL-ALLARD, Lucille 103rd (1993-1995) House
CA SCHENK, Lynn 103rd (1993-1995) House
CA WOOLSEY, Lynn C. 103rd (1993-1995) House
CA LOFGREN, Zoe 104th (1995-1997) House
CA MILLENDER-MCDONALD, Juanita 104th (1995-1997) House
CA SEASTRAND, Andrea 104th (1995-1997) House
CA BONO, Mary 105th (1997-1999) House
CA CAPPS, Lois 105th (1997-1999) House
CA LEE, Barbara 105th (1997-1999) House
CA SANCHEZ, Loretta 105th (1997-1999) House
CA TAUSCHER, Ellen O'Kane 105th (1997-1999) House
CA NAPOLITANO, Grace Flores 106th (1999-2001) House
CA DAVIS, Susan A. 107th (2001-2003) House
CA SOLIS, Hilda L. 107th (2001-2003) House
CA WATSON, Diane Edith 107th (2001-2003) House
CA SÁNCHEZ, Linda T. 108th (2003-2005) House
CA MATSUI, Doris 109th (2005-2007) House
CA RICHARDSON, Laura 110th (2007-2009) House
CA SPEIER, Karen Lorraine Jacqueline (Jackie) 110th (2007-2009) House
CA CHU, Judy 111th (2009-2011) House
CA BASS, Karen 112th (2011-2013) House
CA HAHN, Janice 112th (2011-2013) House
CA BROWNLEY, Julia 113th (2013-2015) House
CA NEGRETE MCLEOD, Gloria 113th (2013-2015) House
CA TORRES, Norma Judith 114th (2015-2017) House
CA WALTERS, Mimi 114th (2015-2017) House
CA BARRAGÁN, Nanette Diaz 115th (2017-2019) House
CA HARRIS, Kamala Devi 115th (2017-2019) Senate
CA HILL, Katie 116th (2019-2021) House
CA PORTER, Katie 116th (2019-2021) House
CO SCHROEDER, Patricia Scott 93rd (1973-1975) House
CO DEGETTE, Diana 105th (1997-1999) House
CO MUSGRAVE, Marilyn N 108th (2003-2005) House
CO MARKEY, Betsy 111th (2009-2011) House
CT LUCE, Clare Boothe 78th (1943-1945) House
CT WOODHOUSE, Chase Going 79th (1945-1947) House
CT GRASSO, Ella Tambussi 92nd (1971-1973) House
CT KENNELLY, Barbara Bailey 97th (1981-1983) House
CT JOHNSON, Nancy Lee 98th (1983-1985) House
CT DELAURO, Rosa L. 102nd (1991-1993) House
CT ESTY, Elizabeth 113th (2013-2015) House
CT HAYES, Jahana 116th (2019-2021) House
DE BLUNT ROCHESTER, Lisa 115th (2017-2019) House
District of Columbia
DC NORTON, Eleanor Holmes 102nd (1991-1993) House
FL OWEN, Ruth Bryan 71st (1929-1931) House
FL HAWKINS, Paula 96th (1979-1981) Senate
FL ROS-LEHTINEN, Ileana 101st (1989-1991) House
FL BROWN, Corrine 103rd (1993-1995) House
FL FOWLER, Tillie Kidd 103rd (1993-1995) House
FL MEEK, Carrie P. 103rd (1993-1995) House
FL THURMAN, Karen L. 103rd (1993-1995) House
FL BROWN-WAITE, Virginia (Ginny) 108th (2003-2005) House
FL HARRIS, Katherine 108th (2003-2005) House
FL WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, Debbie 109th (2005-2007) House
FL CASTOR, Kathy 110th (2007-2009) House
FL KOSMAS, Suzanne M. 111th (2009-2011) House
FL ADAMS, Sandra (Sandy) 112th (2011-2013) House
FL WILSON, Frederica 112th (2011-2013) House
FL FRANKEL, Lois 113th (2013-2015) House
FL GRAHAM, Gwendolyn (Gwen) 114th (2015-2017) House
FL DEMINGS, Valdez 115th (2017-2019) House
FL MURPHY, Stephanie 115th (2017-2019) House
FL MUCARSEL-POWELL, Debbie 116th (2019-2021) House
FL SHALALA, Donna 116th (2019-2021) House
GA FELTON, Rebecca Latimer 67th (1921-1923) Senate
GA GIBBS, Florence Reville 76th (1939-1941) House
GA MANKIN, Helen Douglas 79th (1945-1947) House
GA BLITCH, Iris Faircloth 84th (1955-1957) House
GA MCKINNEY, Cynthia Ann 103rd (1993-1995) House
GA MAJETTE, Denise L. 108th (2003-2005) House
GA HANDEL, Karen 115th (2017-2019) House
GA LOEFFLER, Kelly 116th (2019-2021) Senate
GA MCBATH, Lucy 116th (2019-2021) House
GU BORDALLO, Madeleine 108th (2003-2005) House
HI FARRINGTON, Mary Elizabeth Pruett 83rd (1953-1955) House
HI MINK, Patsy Takemoto 89th (1965-1967) House
HI SAIKI, Patricia 100th (1987-1989) House
HI HIRONO, Mazie 110th (2007-2009) House
HI HANABUSA, Colleen 112th (2011-2013) House
HI GABBARD, Tulsi 113th (2013-2015) House
ID PFOST, Gracie Bowers 83rd (1953-1955) House
ID CHENOWETH-HAGE, Helen P. 104th (1995-1997) House
IL HUCK, Winnifred Sprague Mason 67th (1921-1923) House
IL MCCORMICK, Ruth Hanna 71st (1929-1931) House
IL SUMNER, Jessie 76th (1939-1941) House
IL DOUGLAS, Emily Taft 79th (1945-1947) House
IL CHURCH, Marguerite Stitt 82nd (1951-1953) House
IL SIMPSON, Edna Oakes 86th (1959-1961) House
IL REID, Charlotte Thompson 88th (1963-1965) House
IL COLLINS, Cardiss 93rd (1973-1975) House
IL MARTIN, Lynn Morley 97th (1981-1983) House
IL MOSELEY BRAUN, Carol 103rd (1993-1995) Senate
IL BIGGERT, Judy Borg 106th (1999-2001) House
IL SCHAKOWSKY, Janice D. 106th (1999-2001) House
IL BEAN, Melissa L. 109th (2005-2007) House
IL HALVORSON, Deborah L. 111th (2009-2011) House
IL BUSTOS, Cheri 113th (2013-2015) House
IL DUCKWORTH, Tammy 113th (2013-2015) House
IL KELLY, Robin L. 113th (2013-2015) House
IL UNDERWOOD, Lauren 116th (2019-2021) House
IN JENCKES, Virginia Ellis 73rd (1933-1935) House
IN HARDEN, Cecil Murray 81st (1949-1951) House
IN HALL, Katie Beatrice 97th (1981-1983) House
IN LONG, Jill Lynette 101st (1989-1991) House
IN CARSON, Julia May 105th (1997-1999) House
IN BROOKS, Susan 113th (2013-2015) House
IN WALORSKI, Jackie 113th (2013-2015) House
IA ERNST, Joni 114th (2015-2017) Senate
IA AXNE, Cynthia 116th (2019-2021) House
IA FINKENAUER, Abby 116th (2019-2021) House
KS O'LOUGHLIN MCCARTHY, Kathryn Ellen 73rd (1933-1935) House
KS KEYS, Martha Elizabeth 94th (1975-1977) House
KS KASSEBAUM, Nancy Landon 95th (1977-1979) Senate
KS MEYERS, Jan 99th (1985-1987) House
KS FRAHM, Sheila 104th (1995-1997) Senate
KS BOYDA, Nancy 110th (2007-2009) House
KS JENKINS, Lynn 111th (2009-2011) House
KS DAVIDS, Sharice 116th (2019-2021) House
KY LANGLEY, Katherine Gudger 70th (1927-1929) House
KY NORTHUP, Anne Meagher 105th (1997-1999) House
LA LONG, Rose McConnell 74th (1935-1937) Senate
LA EDWARDS, Elaine Schwartzenburg 92nd (1971-1973) Senate
LA BOGGS, Corinne Claiborne (Lindy) 93rd (1973-1975) House
LA LONG, Catherine Small 99th (1985-1987) House
LA LANDRIEU, Mary L. 105th (1997-1999) Senate
ME SMITH, Margaret Chase 3 76th (1939-1941) House
ME SNOWE, Olympia Jean 4 96th (1979-1981) House
ME COLLINS, Susan Margaret 105th (1997-1999) Senate
ME PINGREE, Chellie 111th (2009-2011) House
MD BYRON, Katharine Edgar 77th (1941-1943) House
MD HOLT, Marjorie Sewell 93rd (1973-1975) House
MD SPELLMAN, Gladys Noon 94th (1975-1977) House
MD MIKULSKI, Barbara Ann 5 95th (1977-1979) House
MD BYRON, Beverly Barton Butcher 96th (1979-1981) House
MD BENTLEY, Helen Delich 99th (1985-1987) House
MD MORELLA, Constance A. 100th (1987-1989) House
MD EDWARDS, Donna F. 110th (2007-2009) House
MA ROGERS, Edith Nourse 69th (1925-1927) House
MA HECKLER, Margaret M. 90th (1967-1969) House
MA HICKS, Louise Day 92nd (1971-1973) House
MA TSONGAS, Nicola S. (Niki) 110th (2007-2009) House
MA CLARK, Katherine M. 113th (2013-2015) House
MA WARREN, Elizabeth 113th (2013-2015) Senate
MA PRESSLEY, Ayanna 116th (2019-2021) House
MA TRAHAN, Lori 116th (2019-2021) House
MI THOMPSON, Ruth 82nd (1951-1953) House
MI GRIFFITHS, Martha Wright 84th (1955-1957) House
MI COLLINS, Barbara-Rose 102nd (1991-1993) House
MI RIVERS, Lynn Nancy 104th (1995-1997) House
MI KILPATRICK, Carolyn Cheeks 105th (1997-1999) House
MI STABENOW, Deborah Ann 6 105th (1997-1999) House
MI MILLER, Candice S. 108th (2003-2005) House
MI DINGELL, Debbie 114th (2015-2017) House
MI LAWRENCE, Brenda L. 114th (2015-2017) House
MI JONES, Brenda 115th (2017-2019) House
MI SLOTKIN, Elissa 116th (2019-2021) House
MI STEVENS, Haley 116th (2019-2021) House
MI TLAIB, Rashida 116th (2019-2021) House
MN KNUTSON, Coya Gjesdal 84th (1955-1957) House
MN HUMPHREY, Muriel Buck 95th (1977-1979) Senate
MN MCCOLLUM, Betty 107th (2001-2003) House
MN BACHMANN, Michele 110th (2007-2009) House
MN KLOBUCHAR, Amy 110th (2007-2009) Senate
MN SMITH, Tina 115th (2017-2019) Senate
MN CRAIG, Angela 116th (2019-2021) House
MN OMAR, Ilhan 116th (2019-2021) House
MS HYDE-SMITH, Cindy 115th (2017-2019) Senate
MO SULLIVAN, Leonor Kretzer 83rd (1953-1955) House
MO HORN, Joan Kelly 102nd (1991-1993) House
MO DANNER, Patsy Ann (Pat) 103rd (1993-1995) House
MO EMERSON, Jo Ann 104th (1995-1997) House
MO MCCARTHY, Karen 104th (1995-1997) House
MO CARNAHAN, Jean 107th (2001-2003) Senate
MO MCCASKILL, Claire 110th (2007-2009) Senate
MO HARTZLER, Vicky 112th (2011-2013) House
MO WAGNER, Ann 113th (2013-2015) House
MT RANKIN, Jeannette 65th (1917-1919) House
NE ABEL, Hazel Hempel 83rd (1953-1955) Senate
NE BOWRING, Eva Kelly 83rd (1953-1955) Senate
NE SMITH, Virginia Dodd 94th (1975-1977) House
NE FISCHER, Debra (Deb) 113th (2013-2015) Senate
NV VUCANOVICH, Barbara Farrell 98th (1983-1985) House
NV BERKLEY, Shelley 106th (1999-2001) House
NV TITUS, Alice (Dina) 111th (2009-2011) House
NV CORTEZ MASTO, Catherine Marie 115th (2017-2019) Senate
NV ROSEN, Jacklyn Sheryl 115th (2017-2019) House
NV LEE, Susie 116th (2019-2021) House
New Hampshire
NH SHEA-PORTER, Carol 110th (2007-2009) House
NH SHAHEEN, Jeanne 111th (2009-2011) Senate
NH AYOTTE, Kelly 112th (2011-2013) Senate
NH KUSTER, Ann McLane 113th (2013-2015) House
NH HASSAN, Margaret Wood (Maggie) 115th (2017-2019) Senate
New Jersey
NJ NORTON, Mary Teresa 69th (1925-1927) House
NJ DWYER, Florence Price 85th (1957-1959) House
NJ FENWICK, Millicent Hammond 94th (1975-1977) House
NJ MEYNER, Helen Stevenson 94th (1975-1977) House
NJ ROUKEMA, Margaret Scafati 97th (1981-1983) House
NJ WATSON COLEMAN, Bonnie 114th (2015-2017) House
NJ SHERRILL, Mikie 116th (2019-2021) House
New Mexico
NM LUSK, Georgia Lee 80th (1947-1949) House
NM WILSON, Heather 105th (1997-1999) House
NM LUJAN GRISHAM, Michelle 113th (2013-2015) House
NM HAALAND, Debra 116th (2019-2021) House
NM TORRES SMALL, Xochitl 116th (2019-2021) House
New York
NY PRATT, Ruth Sears Baker 71st (1929-1931) House
NY CLARKE, Marian Williams 73rd (1933-1935) House
NY O'DAY, Caroline Love Goodwin 74th (1935-1937) House
NY STANLEY, Winifred Claire 78th (1943-1945) House
NY ST. GEORGE, Katharine Price Collier 80th (1947-1949) House
NY KELLY, Edna Flannery 81st (1949-1951) House
NY WEIS, Jessica McCullough 86th (1959-1961) House
NY CHISHOLM, Shirley Anita 91st (1969-1971) House
NY ABZUG, Bella Savitzky 92nd (1971-1973) House
NY HOLTZMAN, Elizabeth 93rd (1973-1975) House
NY FERRARO, Geraldine Anne 96th (1979-1981) House
NY SLAUGHTER, Louise McIntosh 100th (1987-1989) House
NY LOWEY, Nita M. 101st (1989-1991) House
NY MOLINARI, Susan 101st (1989-1991) House
NY MALONEY, Carolyn Bosher 103rd (1993-1995) House
NY VELÁZQUEZ, Nydia M. 103rd (1993-1995) House
NY KELLY, Sue W. 104th (1995-1997) House
NY MCCARTHY, Carolyn 105th (1997-1999) House
NY CLINTON, Hillary Rodham 107th (2001-2003) Senate
NY CLARKE, Yvette Diane 110th (2007-2009) House
NY GILLIBRAND, Kirsten 7 110th (2007-2009) House
NY BUERKLE, Ann Marie 112th (2011-2013) House
NY HAYWORTH, Nan 112th (2011-2013) House
NY HOCHUL, Kathleen C. 112th (2011-2013) House
NY MENG, Grace 113th (2013-2015) House
NY RICE, Kathleen Maura 114th (2015-2017) House
NY STEFANIK, Elise M. 114th (2015-2017) House
NY TENNEY, Claudia 115th (2017-2019) House
NY OCASIO-CORTEZ, Alexandria 116th (2019-2021) House
North Carolina
NC PRATT, Eliza Jane 79th (1945-1947) House
NC CLAYTON, Eva M. 102nd (1991-1993) House
NC MYRICK, Sue 104th (1995-1997) House
NC DOLE, Elizabeth Hanford 108th (2003-2005) Senate
NC FOXX, Virginia Ann 109th (2005-2007) House
NC HAGAN, Kay 111th (2009-2011) Senate
NC ELLMERS, Renee 112th (2011-2013) House
NC ADAMS, Alma 113th (2013-2015) House
North Dakota
ND BURDICK, Jocelyn Birch 102nd (1991-1993) Senate
ND HEITKAMP, Mary Kathryn (Heidi) 113th (2013-2015) Senate
OH BOLTON, Frances Payne 76th (1939-1941) House
OH OAKAR, Mary Rose 95th (1977-1979) House
OH ASHBROOK, Jean Spencer 97th (1981-1983) House
OH KAPTUR, Marcia Carolyn (Marcy) 98th (1983-1985) House
OH PRYCE, Deborah D. 103rd (1993-1995) House
OH JONES, Stephanie Tubbs 106th (1999-2001) House
OH SCHMIDT, Jean 109th (2005-2007) House
OH FUDGE, Marcia L. 110th (2007-2009) House
OH SUTTON, Betty 110th (2007-2009) House
OH KILROY, Mary Jo 111th (2009-2011) House
OH BEATTY, Joyce 113th (2013-2015) House
OK ROBERTSON, Alice Mary 67th (1921-1923) House
OK FALLIN, Mary 110th (2007-2009) House
OK HORN, Kendra 116th (2019-2021) House
OR HONEYMAN, Nan Wood 75th (1937-1939) House
OR GREEN, Edith Starrett 84th (1955-1957) House
OR NEUBERGER, Maurine Brown 86th (1959-1961) Senate
OR FURSE, Elizabeth 103rd (1993-1995) House
OR HOOLEY, Darlene 105th (1997-1999) House
OR BONAMICI, Suzanne 112th (2011-2013) House
PA BOLAND, Veronica Grace 77th (1941-1943) House
PA BUCHANAN, Vera Daerr 82nd (1951-1953) House
PA GRANAHAN, Kathryn Elizabeth 84th (1955-1957) House
PA MARGOLIES-MEZVINSKY, Marjorie 103rd (1993-1995) House
PA HART, Melissa A. 107th (2001-2003) House
PA SCHWARTZ, Allyson Y. 109th (2005-2007) House
PA DAHLKEMPER, Kathleen A. (Kathy) 111th (2009-2011) House
PA SCANLON, Mary Gay 115th (2017-2019) House
PA WILD, Susan 115th (2017-2019) House
PA DEAN, Madeleine 116th (2019-2021) House
PA HOULAHAN, Christina 116th (2019-2021) House
Puerto Rico
PR GONZÁLEZ-CÓLON, Jenniffer 115th (2017-2019) House
Rhode Island
RI SCHNEIDER, Claudine 97th (1981-1983) House
South Carolina
SC GASQUE, Elizabeth Hawley 75th (1937-1939) House
SC MCMILLAN, Clara Gooding 76th (1939-1941) House
SC FULMER, Willa Lybrand 78th (1943-1945) House
SC RILEY, Corinne Boyd 87th (1961-1963) House
SC PATTERSON, Elizabeth J. 100th (1987-1989) House
South Dakota
SD PYLE, Gladys 75th (1937-1939) Senate
SD BUSHFIELD, Vera Cahalan 80th (1947-1949) Senate
SD HERSETH SANDLIN, Stephanie 108th (2003-2005) House
SD NOEM, Kristi 112th (2011-2013) House
TN ESLICK, Willa McCord Blake 72nd (1931-1933) House
TN REECE, Louise Goff 87th (1961-1963) House
TN BAKER, Irene Bailey 88th (1963-1965) House
TN LLOYD, Marilyn Laird 94th (1975-1977) House
TN BLACKBURN, Marsha 108th (2003-2005) House
TN BLACK, Diane 112th (2011-2013) House
TX THOMAS, Lera Millard 89th (1965-1967) House
TX JORDAN, Barbara Charline 93rd (1973-1975) House
TX HUTCHISON, Kathryn Ann Bailey (Kay) 103rd (1993-1995) Senate
TX JOHNSON, Eddie Bernice 103rd (1993-1995) House
TX JACKSON LEE, Sheila 104th (1995-1997) House
TX GRANGER, Kay 105th (1997-1999) House
TX SEKULA GIBBS, Shelley 109th (2005-2007) House
TX ESCOBAR, Veronica 116th (2019-2021) House
TX FLETCHER, Elizabeth Pannill 116th (2019-2021) House
TX GARCIA, Sylvia 116th (2019-2021) House
UT BOSONE, Reva Zilpha Beck 81st (1949-1951) House
UT SHEPHERD, Karen 103rd (1993-1995) House
UT GREENE WALDHOLTZ, Enid 104th (1995-1997) House
UT LOVE, Ludmya Bourdeau (Mia) 114th (2015-2017) House
Virgin Islands
VI CHRISTENSEN, Donna Marie 105th (1997-1999) House
VI PLASKETT, Stacey E. 114th (2015-2017) House
VA BYRNE, Leslie Larkin 103rd (1993-1995) House
VA DAVIS, Jo Ann 107th (2001-2003) House
VA DRAKE, Thelma D. 109th (2005-2007) House
VA COMSTOCK, Barbara J. 114th (2015-2017) House
VA LURIA, Elaine 116th (2019-2021) House
VA SPANBERGER, Abigail 116th (2019-2021) House
VA WEXTON, Jennifer 116th (2019-2021) House
WA HANSEN, Julia Butler 86th (1959-1961) House
WA MAY, Catherine Dean 86th (1959-1961) House
WA UNSOELD, Jolene 101st (1989-1991) House
WA CANTWELL, Maria E. 8 103rd (1993-1995) House
WA DUNN, Jennifer Blackburn 103rd (1993-1995) House
WA MURRAY, Patty 103rd (1993-1995) Senate
WA SMITH, Linda 104th (1995-1997) House
WA RODGERS, Cathy McMorris 109th (2005-2007) House
WA DELBENE, Suzan K. 112th (2011-2013) House
WA HERRERA BEUTLER, Jaime 112th (2011-2013) House
WA JAYAPAL, Pramila 115th (2017-2019) House
WA SCHRIER, Kim 116th (2019-2021) House
West Virginia
WV KEE, Maude Elizabeth 82nd (1951-1953) House
WV CAPITO, Shelley Moore 9 107th (2001-2003) House
WV MILLER, Carol 116th (2019-2021) House
WI BALDWIN, Tammy 10 106th (1999-2001) House
WI MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen) 109th (2005-2007) House
WY CUBIN, Barbara L. 104th (1995-1997) House
WY LUMMIS, Cynthia M. 111th (2009-2011) House
WY CHENEY, Liz 115th (2017-2019) House


1Served as a Senator starting in the 106th Congress (1999–2001).

2Served as Senator starting in the 103rd Congress (1993–1995).

3Served as a Senator starting in the 81st Congress (1949–1951).

4Served as a Senator starting in the 104th Congress (1995–1997).

5Served as a Senator starting in the 100th Congress (1987–1989).

6Served as a Senator starting in the 107th Congress (2001–2003).

7Served as a Senator starting in the 111th Congress (2009–2011).

8Served as a Senator starting in the 107th Congress (2001–2003).

9Served as a Senator starting in the 114th Congress (2015-2017).

10Served as a Senator starting in the 113th Congress (2013–2015).