Black-American Familial Connections in Congress

A historical list of black Representatives (no Black-American Senators have been related to another Member of Congress) who had a family member who served in the House.

Members Whose Children and Grandchildren Have Served in Congress

  • William Lacy Clay, Jr., of Missouri (2001–Present), son of William Lacy Clay, Sr., of Missouri (1969–2001)
  • Harold Eugene Ford, Jr., of Tennessee (1997–2007), son of Harold Eugene Ford, Sr., of Tennessee (1975–1997)
  • Kendrick B. Meek of Florida, (2003–2011), son of Carrie P. Meek of Florida (1993–2003)
  • André Carson of Indiana, (2008–present), grandson of Julia Carson of Indiana (1997–2007)
  • Donald Payne, Jr., of New Jersey (2012–present), son of Donald Milford Payne of New Jersey (1989–2012)

Widows Who Have Succeeded Their Late Husbands

  • Cardiss Collins of Illinois (1973–1997), wife of George Washington Collins of Illinois (1970–1972)

Miscellaneous Familial Connections

  • Henry Plummer Cheatham of North Carolina (1889–1893), and George Henry White of North Carolina (1897–1901) were brothers-in-law.
  • George Washington Murray of South Carolina (1893–1895), and James Enos Clyburn of South Carolina (1993–Present) were distant relatives.