Black-American Members by State and Territory

The table is supplemented by an interactive map of the United States and is based on information drawn from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Names are followed by the Congress in which the Representative or Senator first took office.

The following states and territories have never elected or appointed an African American to Congress: Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming.

State or Territory Name First Took Office Service
AL TURNER, Benjamin Sterling 42nd (1871-1873) House
AL RAPIER, James Thomas 43rd (1873-1875) House
AL HARALSON, Jeremiah 44th (1875-1877) House
AL HILLIARD, Earl Frederick 103rd (1993-1995) House
AL DAVIS, Artur 108th (2003-2005) House
AL SEWELL, Terri 112th (2011-2013) House
CA HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus) 88th (1963-1965) House
CA DELLUMS, Ronald V. 92nd (1971-1973) House
CA BURKE, Yvonne Brathwaite 93rd (1973-1975) House
CA DIXON, Julian Carey 96th (1979-1981) House
CA DYMALLY, Mervyn Malcolm 97th (1981-1983) House
CA WATERS, Maxine 102nd (1991-1993) House
CA TUCKER, Walter R., III 103rd (1993-1995) House
CA MILLENDER-MCDONALD, Juanita 104th (1995-1997) House
CA LEE, Barbara 105th (1997-1999) House
CA WATSON, Diane Edith 107th (2001-2003) House
CA RICHARDSON, Laura 110th (2007-2009) House
CA BASS, Karen 112th (2011-2013) House
CA HARRIS, Kamala Devi 115th (2017-2019) Senate
CO NEGUSE, Joseph 116th (2019-2021) House
CT FRANKS, Gary A. 102nd (1991-1993) House
CT HAYES, Jahana 116th (2019-2021) House
DE BLUNT ROCHESTER, Lisa 115th (2017-2019) House
District of Columbia
DC FAUNTROY, Walter Edward 92nd (1971-1973) House
DC NORTON, Eleanor Holmes 102nd (1991-1993) House
FL WALLS, Josiah Thomas 42nd (1871-1873) House
FL BROWN, Corrine 103rd (1993-1995) House
FL HASTINGS, Alcee Lamar 103rd (1993-1995) House
FL MEEK, Carrie P. 103rd (1993-1995) House
FL MEEK, Kendrick B. 108th (2003-2005) House
FL WEST, Allen 112th (2011-2013) House
FL WILSON, Frederica 112th (2011-2013) House
FL DEMINGS, Valdez 115th (2017-2019) House
FL LAWSON, Alfred, Jr. 115th (2017-2019) House
FL CHERFILUS-MCCORMICK, Sheila 117th (2021-2023) House
FL DONALDS, Byron 117th (2021-2023) House
GA LONG, Jefferson Franklin 41st (1869-1871) House
GA YOUNG, Andrew Jackson, Jr. 93rd (1973-1975) House
GA LEWIS, John R. 100th (1987-1989) House
GA BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr. 103rd (1993-1995) House
GA MCKINNEY, Cynthia Ann 103rd (1993-1995) House
GA MAJETTE, Denise L. 108th (2003-2005) House
GA SCOTT, David 108th (2003-2005) House
GA JOHNSON, Hank 110th (2007-2009) House
GA HALL, Kwanza 116th (2019-2021) House
GA MCBATH, Lucy 116th (2019-2021) House
GA WARNOCK, Raphael Gamaliel 117th (2021-2023) Senate
GA WILLIAMS, Nikema 117th (2021-2023) House
IL DE PRIEST, Oscar Stanton 71st (1929-1931) House
IL MITCHELL, Arthur Wergs 74th (1935-1937) House
IL DAWSON, William Levi 78th (1943-1945) House
IL COLLINS, George Washington 91st (1969-1971) House
IL METCALFE, Ralph Harold 92nd (1971-1973) House
IL COLLINS, Cardiss 93rd (1973-1975) House
IL STEWART, Bennett McVey 96th (1979-1981) House
IL SAVAGE, Gus 97th (1981-1983) House
IL WASHINGTON, Harold 97th (1981-1983) House
IL HAYES, Charles Arthur 98th (1983-1985) House
IL MOSELEY BRAUN, Carol 103rd (1993-1995) Senate
IL REYNOLDS, Mel 103rd (1993-1995) House
IL RUSH, Bobby L. 103rd (1993-1995) House
IL JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr. 104th (1995-1997) House
IL DAVIS, Danny K. 105th (1997-1999) House
IL OBAMA, Barack 109th (2005-2007) Senate
IL BURRIS, Roland 111th (2009-2011) Senate
IL KELLY, Robin L. 113th (2013-2015) House
IL UNDERWOOD, Lauren 116th (2019-2021) House
IN HALL, Katie Beatrice 97th (1981-1983) House
IN CARSON, Julia May 105th (1997-1999) House
IN CARSON, André 110th (2007-2009) House
LA NASH, Charles Edmund 44th (1875-1877) House
LA JEFFERSON, William Jennings 102nd (1991-1993) House
LA FIELDS, Cleo 103rd (1993-1995) House
LA RICHMOND, Cedric 112th (2011-2013) House
LA CARTER, Troy 117th (2021-2023) House
MD MITCHELL, Parren James 92nd (1971-1973) House
MD MFUME, Kweisi 100th (1987-1989) House
MD WYNN, Albert Russell 103rd (1993-1995) House
MD CUMMINGS, Elijah Eugene 104th (1995-1997) House
MD EDWARDS, Donna F. 110th (2007-2009) House
MD BROWN, Anthony Gregory 115th (2017-2019) House
MA BROOKE, Edward William, III 90th (1967-1969) Senate
MA COWAN, William (Mo) 113th (2013-2015) Senate
MA PRESSLEY, Ayanna 116th (2019-2021) House
MI DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr. 84th (1955-1957) House
MI CONYERS, John, Jr. 89th (1965-1967) House
MI CROCKETT, George William, Jr. 96th (1979-1981) House
MI COLLINS, Barbara-Rose 102nd (1991-1993) House
MI KILPATRICK, Carolyn Cheeks 105th (1997-1999) House
MI CLARKE, Hansen 112th (2011-2013) House
MI LAWRENCE, Brenda L. 114th (2015-2017) House
MI JONES, Brenda 115th (2017-2019) House
MN ELLISON, Keith 110th (2007-2009) House
MN OMAR, Ilhan 116th (2019-2021) House
MS REVELS, Hiram Rhodes 41st (1869-1871) Senate
MS LYNCH, John Roy 43rd (1873-1875) House
MS BRUCE, Blanche Kelso 44th (1875-1877) Senate
MS ESPY, Alphonso Michael (Mike) 100th (1987-1989) House
MS THOMPSON, Bennie 103rd (1993-1995) House
MO CLAY, William Lacy, Sr. 91st (1969-1971) House
MO WHEAT, Alan Dupree 98th (1983-1985) House
MO CLAY, William Lacy, Jr. 107th (2001-2003) House
MO CLEAVER, Emanuel, II 109th (2005-2007) House
MO BUSH, Cori 117th (2021-2023) House
NV HORSFORD, Steven 113th (2013-2015) House
New Jersey
NJ PAYNE, Donald Milford 101st (1989-1991) House
NJ PAYNE, Donald, Jr. 112th (2011-2013) House
NJ BOOKER, Cory Anthony 113th (2013-2015) Senate
NJ WATSON COLEMAN, Bonnie 114th (2015-2017) House
New York
NY POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr. 79th (1945-1947) House
NY CHISHOLM, Shirley Anita 91st (1969-1971) House
NY RANGEL, Charles B. 92nd (1971-1973) House
NY OWENS, Major Robert Odell 98th (1983-1985) House
NY TOWNS, Edolphus 98th (1983-1985) House
NY WALDON, Alton R., Jr. 99th (1985-1987) House
NY FLAKE, Floyd Harold 100th (1987-1989) House
NY MEEKS, Gregory W. 105th (1997-1999) House
NY CLARKE, Yvette Diane 110th (2007-2009) House
NY JEFFRIES, Hakeem 113th (2013-2015) House
NY DELGADO, Antonio 116th (2019-2021) House
NY BOWMAN, Jamaal 117th (2021-2023) House
NY JONES, Mondaire 117th (2021-2023) House
NY TORRES, Ritchie 117th (2021-2023) House
North Carolina
NC HYMAN, John Adams 44th (1875-1877) House
NC O'HARA, James Edward 48th (1883-1885) House
NC CHEATHAM, Henry Plummer 51st (1889-1891) House
NC WHITE, George Henry 55th (1897-1899) House
NC CLAYTON, Eva M. 102nd (1991-1993) House
NC WATT, Melvin L. 103rd (1993-1995) House
NC BALLANCE, Frank W., Jr. 108th (2003-2005) House
NC BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr. 108th (2003-2005) House
NC ADAMS, Alma 113th (2013-2015) House
OH STOKES, Louis 91st (1969-1971) House
OH JONES, Stephanie Tubbs 106th (1999-2001) House
OH FUDGE, Marcia L. 110th (2007-2009) House
OH BEATTY, Joyce 113th (2013-2015) House
OH BROWN, Shontel M. 117th (2021-2023) House
OK WATTS, Julius Caesar, Jr. (J. C.) 104th (1995-1997) House
PA NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr. 85th (1957-1959) House
PA GRAY, William Herbert, III 96th (1979-1981) House
PA BLACKWELL, Lucien Edward 102nd (1991-1993) House
PA FATTAH, Chaka 104th (1995-1997) House
PA EVANS, Dwight 114th (2015-2017) House
South Carolina
SC RAINEY, Joseph Hayne 41st (1869-1871) House
SC DE LARGE, Robert Carlos 42nd (1871-1873) House
SC ELLIOTT, Robert Brown 42nd (1871-1873) House
SC CAIN, Richard Harvey 43rd (1873-1875) House
SC RANSIER, Alonzo Jacob 43rd (1873-1875) House
SC SMALLS, Robert 44th (1875-1877) House
SC MILLER, Thomas Ezekiel 51st (1889-1891) House
SC MURRAY, George Washington 53rd (1893-1895) House
SC CLYBURN, James Enos 103rd (1993-1995) House
SC SCOTT, Tim 1 112th (2011-2013) House
TN FORD, Harold Eugene 94th (1975-1977) House
TN FORD, Harold, Jr. 105th (1997-1999) House
TX JORDAN, Barbara Charline 93rd (1973-1975) House
TX LELAND, George Thomas (Mickey) 96th (1979-1981) House
TX WASHINGTON, Craig Anthony 101st (1989-1991) House
TX JOHNSON, Eddie Bernice 103rd (1993-1995) House
TX JACKSON LEE, Sheila 104th (1995-1997) House
TX GREEN, Al 109th (2005-2007) House
TX VEASEY, Marc 113th (2013-2015) House
TX HURD, William Ballard 114th (2015-2017) House
TX ALLRED, Colin 116th (2019-2021) House
UT LOVE, Ludmya Bourdeau (Mia) 114th (2015-2017) House
UT OWENS, Burgess 117th (2021-2023) House
Virgin Islands
VI EVANS, Melvin Herbert 96th (1979-1981) House
VI FRAZER, Victor O. 104th (1995-1997) House
VI CHRISTENSEN, Donna Marie 105th (1997-1999) House
VI PLASKETT, Stacey E. 114th (2015-2017) House
VA LANGSTON, John Mercer 51st (1889-1891) House
VA SCOTT, Robert C. 103rd (1993-1995) House
VA MCEACHIN, Aston Donald 115th (2017-2019) House
WA STRICKLAND, Marilyn 117th (2021-2023) House
WI MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen) 109th (2005-2007) House


1Resigned from the House on January 2, 2013. Served as a Senator starting in the 113th Congress (2013–2015).