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Photo Mystery

We have a photo mystery, and we’re asking for your help.

Front and reverse images/tiles/non-collection/5/5-1-photo_reverse_mystery_contactsheet.xml Front and reverse images from the Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
Twenty photographs in the House Collection have a portrait of a Representative on the front, but an image of someone else on the back. The people on the reverse appear to have been carefully cut out of a publication and pasted down. The photos may have been pasted into a scrapbook, as some also have brown paper on the reverse.

Who are the mystery men on the back of these photos? And what is the relationship between the person on the front of the photograph and the unidentified person on the back? View the images throughout the month as we tweet them @USHouseHistory. Some images have clues, such as a few letters from a name or state. You can try using People Search to search and view images of Members of Congress.

If you have a guess about identifying the mystery images, tweet at us or email us at archives@mail.house.gov.

Check out the suggestions readers provided in our update!

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