During elections, Americans participate in campaigns and cast their votes to show their support for important issues. Voters and candidates alike use campaign memorabilia to communicate their stance.

Edna Flannery Kelly Blotter Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
About this object
Edna Flannery Kelly Blotter

Campaign Material

Garfield and Arthur Songbook
This 1880 songbook, a unique piece of campaign memorabilia, provided voters with 42 melodies in support of James Garfield and Chester A. Arthur on the Republication presidential ticket.

Pins, Ribbons, Bumper Stickers, and More
A collection of campaign items showing the many ways voters have communicated their political stance over the decades.

Oral History: Campaign Objects
A collection of oral histories featuring House Members describing the campaign materials they used to promote themselves and their political platform before election day.


A sampling of records focused on voting rights, from women’s suffrage to lowering the voting age.

A collection of records regarding both voting methods in the House Chamber and voting rights for Americans.

Blogs and Highlights

“Catalyst for Change”: The 1972 Presidential Campaign of Representative Shirley Chisholm
A blog about Congresswoman Chisholm’s run for President.

Obstacles and Opportunities: The Experiences of Two Women Member on the Campaign Trail
A blog outlining the campaigns of Representative Eva M. Clayton of North Carolina and Representative Sue Kelly of New York.

From Candidate to Congresswomen
A blog showcasing tactics that have helped women win election the House of Representatives.

Art blogs on Campaign Objects
A collection of blogs exploring different types of campaign memorabilia.

The House’s 1918 Passage of a Constitutional Amendment Granting Women the Right to Vote
A historical highlight detailing the first time the House passed a constitutional amendment for women’s suffrage. 

Get Out the Vote
A blog examining three photographs from the House Collection that show past Representatives voting, while also posing for a good photo op on Election Day.

Oral History

Video and Audio Clips
A collection of oral history clips featuring House Members and staff recalling memorable campaign and voting experiences.