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46th Congress (1879–1881)

Congressional Profile

Total Membership:

  • 293 Representatives
  • 8 Delegates

Party Divisions:*

  • 141 Democrats
  • 132 Republicans
  • 13 Nationals
  • 7 Independent Democrats

*Party division totals are based on election day results.

Samuel Jackson Randall/tiles/non-collection/s/speaker_randall_2005_16_29_1.xml Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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Representative Samuel Randall of Pennsylvania was first elected Speaker of the House after the death of Speaker Michael Kerr.

Congress Overview

Democrats retained control of the House, captured the Senate, and ramped up their efforts to undercut Reconstruction legislation protecting African-American voting rights in the 46th Congress (1879–1881). Congress continued to challenge President Rutherford B. Hayes by attaching “riders”—substantive amendments—to Army appropriations bills prohibiting federal funding from being used to protect voting places in the former Confederacy. Democrats tried this tactic seven times—and Hayes vetoed each attempt—before Congress abandoned its efforts.

Member Information

  • Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress, (1774–2005), Official Annotated Membership Roster by State with Vacancy and Special Election Information for the 46th Congress [PDF]
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Leadership & Officers

Speaker of the House:
Samuel J. Randall (D–Pennsylvania)
Clerk of the House:
George M. Adams
Sergeant at Arms:
John G. Thompson
Chaplain of the House:
W.P. Harrison – Methodist
Charles W. Field
A. W. C. Nowlin
Clerk at the Speaker's Table:
J. Randolph Tucker, Jr.
George P. Miller
Michael Sullivan
Republican Conference Chairman:
William P. Frye (R–Maine)
Democratic Caucus Chairman:
John F. House (D–Tennessee)

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