KASTENMEIER, Robert William

KASTENMEIER, Robert William
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KASTENMEIER, Robert William, a Representative from Wisconsin; born in Beaver Dam, Dodge County, Wis., January 24, 1924; attended the public schools of Beaver Dam; Carleton College, Northfield, Minn.; University of Wisconsin, LL.B., 1952; was admitted to the bar the same year and commenced the practice of law in Watertown, Wis.; entered the United States Army as a private in February 1943; served in the Philippines and was discharged as a first lieutenant on August 15, 1946; War Department branch office director, claims service, in the Philippines 1946-1948; elected justice of the peace for Jefferson and Dodge Counties in 1955 and served until 1959; elected as a Democrat to the Eighty-sixth and to the fifteen succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1959-January 3, 1991); one of the managers appointed by the House of Representatives in 1986 to conduct the impeachment proceedings against Harry E. Claiborne, judge of the United States District Court for Nevada; unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the One Hundred Second Congress in 1990; died on March 20, 2015, in Arlington, Va.

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External Research Collections

Wisconsin Historical Society

Madison, WI
Papers: 472.4 cubic feet, 27 tape recordings, 53 photographs, 113 negatives, 34 transparencies, 2 posters, 45 videorecordings, 1 film. Constituent case files are restricted. Finding aid is available online.
Oral History: Interviews, 1966-1967, 3 tape recordings. Collection includes an interview with Robert Kastenmeier conducted by Anne Romaine.
Papers: In the papers of Todd Gitlin and Nanci Hollander, 1961-1970, 0.8 cubic foot. Correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier.
Papers: In the papers of David Sartori, 1962-1965, 0.1 cubic foot. Collection contains letters written by Robert Kastenmeier.
Papers: In the papers of Lowell L. Klessig, 1969-1982, 1.8 cubic feet. Correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier.
Papers: In the papers of Beatrice Kabler, 1966-1982, 2.8 cubic feet. Correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier.
Papers: In the papers of Tere Rios Versace, 1941-1977, 3 cubic feet, 19 tape recordings, 2 film reels, 1 microfilm reel. Correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier.
Papers: In the records of the National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam, 1964-1967, 5.8 cubic feet, 1 microfilm reel. Correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier.
Papers: In the records of Madison Measure for Measure, 1965-1979, 1 cubic foot, 2 tape recordings. Correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier.
Papers: In the papers of Fred A. Risser, 22.4 cubic feet, 3 microfilm reels. Correspondents include Robert Kastenmeier.
Oral History: In the oral history interview of Anne Romaine, 1966-1967, 1 folder and 3 tape recordings. Persons mentioned include Robert Kastenmeier.

Howard University
Moorland-Spingarn Research Center

Washington, DC
Oral History: 1969, 45 pages. The interview with Robert Kastenmeier describes his activities as member of the House Judiciary Committee during the 1950s and 1960s, when that committee, dominated though it was by southern segregationist Democrats, handled "the lion's share" of civil rights legislation. Gives account of the evolution of several civil rights bills of the 1960s, especially the 1964 civil rights and 1965 voting rights acts, noting the political wrangling over clauses, amendments, enforcement, and appropriations. Discusses the parts played by John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson in these efforts. Recalls his role on the Democratic Party credentials committee during the 1968 convention, particularly his support for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party's challenge to state party regulars. No tape available. Interviewer: Robert Wright.

John F. Kennedy Library

Boston, MA
Oral History: 18 pages.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Jackson, MS
Oral History: August 23, 1967, 11 pages. Part of a series done about the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and received from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

University of Oklahoma
The Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Archive, Department of Communication

Norman, OK
Videoreel and Videocassettes: 1982-1990, 1 commercial on 1 videoreel and 16 commercials on 10 videocassettes. The commercials were used during Robert Kastenmeier's campaigns for the 1982, 1986, 1988 and 1990 U.S. congressional elections in District 2 of Wisconsin, Democratic Party.
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Bibliography / Further Reading

Kastenmeier, Robert W. Vietnam Hearings: Voices from the Grass Roots. 1965. Reprint. Garden City, NY: Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1966.

Ralph Nader Congress Project. Citizens Look at Congress: Robert W. Kastenmeier, Democratic Representative from Wisconsin. Washington, D. C.: Grossman Publishers, 1972.

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