Bibliographies for Individual Speakers of the House

Congress Speaker
1st, 3rd Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania
2nd Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut
4th–5th Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey
6th Theodore Sedgwick of Massachusetts
7th–9th Nathaniel Macon of North Carolina
10th–11th Joseph B. Varnum of Massachusetts
12th–16th, 18th Henry Clay of Kentucky
13th Langdon Cheves of South Carolina
16th, 19th John W. Taylor of New York
17th Philip P. Barbour of Virginia
20th–22nd Andrew Stevenson of Virginia
23rd John Bell of Tennessee
24th–25th James K. Polk of Tennessee
26th Robert M.T. Hunter of Virginia
27th John White of Kentucky
28th John W. Jones of Virginia
29th John W. Davis of Indiana
30th Robert C. Winthrop of Massachusetts
31st Howell Cobb of Georgia
32nd–33rd Linn Boyd of Kentucky
34th Nathaniel P. Banks of Massachusetts
35th James L. Orr of South Carolina
36th William Pennington of New Jersey
37th Galusha A. Grow of Pennsylvania
38th–40th Schuyler Colfax of Indiana
40th Theodore M. Pomeroy of New York
41st–43rd James G. Blaine of Maine
44th Michael C. Kerr of Indiana
44th–46th Samuel J. Randall of Pennsylvania
47th J. Warren Keifer of Ohio
48th–50th John G. Carlisle of Kentucky
51st, 54th–55th Thomas B. Reed of Maine
52nd–53rd Charles F. Crisp of Georgia
56th–57th David B. Henderson of Iowa
58th–61st Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois
62nd–65th James Beauchamp Clark of Missouri
66th–68th Frederick H. Gillett of Massachusetts
69th–71st Nicholas Longworth of Ohio
72nd John N. Garner of Texas
73rd Henry T. Rainey of Illinois
74th Joseph W. Byrns of Tennessee
74th–76th William B. Bankhead of Alabama
76th–79th, 81st–82nd, 84th–87th Sam Rayburn of Texas
80th, 83rd Joseph W. Martin, Jr. of Massachusetts
87th–91st John W. McCormack of Massachusetts
92nd–94th Carl B. Albert of Oklahoma
95th–99th Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. of Massachusetts
100th–101st James C. Wright, Jr. of Texas
101st–103rd Thomas S. Foley of Washington
104th–105th Newt Gingrich of Georgia
106th–109th J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois 
110th–111th, 116th–present Nancy Pelosi of California
112th–114th John Boehner of Ohio 
114th–115thPaul Ryan of Wisconsin