Letter Regarding Mount Baker

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Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration
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Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration


Naturalist and writer Enos A. Mills is credited with spearheading the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park, which gained its status as a national park on January 26, 1915. Just a few months later, Mills wrote this letter petitioning Representative Lindley H. Hadley to make Mount Baker, in Washington State, a national park. Mills writes in poetic language of his experiences climbing and camping in the area surrounding Mount Baker: “It is a natural and vast landscape garden of unexcelled magnificence.” Clearly, preservation of the country’s wilderness was not a passion that had been exhausted by his lengthy struggle to create Rocky Mountain National Park.

In 1924, the Washington National Forest was renamed the Mount Baker National Forest, and in 1973 it merged with the Snoqualmie National Forest to create the present-day Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Although the area was not made a national park, the creation of the National Park Service, another of Mills’s causes, occurred in 1916.

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