JOHNSON, Lyndon Baines



JOHNSON, Lyndon Baines, (father–in–law of Charles Spittal Robb), A Representative and a Senator from Texas and a Vice President and 36th President of the United States; born on a farm near Stonewall, Gillespie County, Tex., on August 27, 1908; moved with his parents to Johnson City, in 1913; attended the public schools of Blanco County, Tex.; graduated from Southwest Texas State Teachers College at San Marcos (now known as Texas State University-San Marcos) in 1930; taught high school 1928-1931; served as secretary to Congressman Richard M. Kleberg in Washington, D.C., 1931-1935; attended the Georgetown University Law School, Washington, D.C., 1934; State director of the National Youth Administration of Texas 1935-1937; elected as a Democrat to the Seventy-fifth Congress by special election, April 10, 1937, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of James P. Buchanan; reelected to the five succeeding Congresses and served from April 10, 1937, to January 3, 1949; first Member of Congress to enlist in the armed forces after the Second World War began; served as lieutenant commander in the United States Navy 1941-1942; was not a candidate for renomination to the Eighty-first Congress in 1948; elected to the United States Senate in 1948; reelected in 1954 and again in 1960 and served from January 3, 1949, until January 3, 1961, when he resigned to become Vice President; Democratic whip 1951-1953; minority leader and Democratic caucus chairman 1953-1955; majority leader and Democratic caucus chairman 1955-1961; Democratic Policy Committee chairman 1953-1961; chairman, Special Committee on the Senate Reception Room (Eighty-fourth Congress), Special Committee on Astronautics and Space (Eighty-fifth Congress), Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences (Eighty-fifth and Eighty-sixth Congresses); elected Vice President of the United States in November 1960, on the Democratic ticket with John F. Kennedy, for the term beginning January 20, 1961; on the death of President Kennedy was sworn in as President of the United States on November 22, 1963; elected President of the United States in 1964, for the term commencing January 20, 1965, and served until January 20, 1969; did not seek reelection in 1968; retired to his ranch near Johnson City, Tex.; died on January 22, 1973; lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda, January 24-25, 1973; interment in the family cemetery at the LBJ ranch; posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on June 9, 1980.

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External Research Collections

Alabama Department of Archives and History

Montgomery, AL
Papers: Congressional and presidential letters (1930s-1960s) in various collections including Clifford Durr papers, 1933-1975; Virginia Durr papers; William B. Bankhead papers; Pete Jarman papers; Frank Boykin papers; and records of Alabama Governors.

Broadcast Pioneers Library
University of Maryland Hornbake Library

College Park, MD
Papers: 148 audiotapes (1961-1973) in Westinghouse Broadcasting Company collection, 1945-1981.

Center for Migration Studies
Staten Island Archives

New York, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Victor L. Anfuso papers, 1928-1966.

Columbia University
Oral History Project

New York, NY
Oral History: Discussed in several interviews.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library

New York, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Vanguard Press records, ca. 1925-ca. 1985; Bennett Cerf papers, ca. 1898-1977; Jacques Barzun papers, ca. 1900-1993, partially closed; Whitney M. Young papers, 1960-1977; John N. Wheeler papers, 1915-1966; George D. Woods papers, 1947-1972; Overbrook Press records, 1929-1978; Fred Lazarus appointment books, 1909-1973; Herbert H. Lehman papers, 1858-1963; Edith Altschul Lehman papers, ca. 1963-1976; and Academy of Political Science letters, 1923-1970.

Dallas Historical Society

Dallas, TX
Papers: Miscellaneous articles about Johnson and Texas.

Eastern Kentucky University
Special Collections and Archives

Richmond, KY
Papers: Correspondence in Keen Johnson papers, 1870-1970; and Robert R. Martin papers, 1914-1976.

Emory University
Robert W. Woodruff Library

Atlanta, GA
Papers: Correspondence in William Berry Hartsfield papers, 1892-1980; Ralph McGill papers, 1853-1971, access restricted; and portraits in James Vinson Carmichael papers, 1913-1982.

Herbert Hoover Library

West Branch, IA
Oral History: 22 pages. Index.

Georgetown University
Special Collections

Washington, DC
Papers: Correspondence in Harry L. Hopkins papers, 1932-1946.

Harvard University
Law School Library

Cambridge, MA
Papers: Correspondence in William Henry Hastie papers, 1916-1976.

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace

Stanford, CA
Oral History: 1971. 22 pages.

Indiana State Library

Indianapolis, IN
Papers: Correspondence in Matthew E. Welsh papers, 1941-1978.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

Austin, TX
Papers: 1927-1973. 10,000 feet. Correspondence and papers, audiovisual materials, photographs, portraits and memorabilia covering service in House of Representatives (1937-1949), Senate (1949-1961), as vice president (1961-1963), as president (1963-1969), and in retirement (1969-1973). Includes released recordings and transcriptions of telephone conversations held by Johnson from 22 November 1963 - 31 October 1964. Also included are personal papers of associates and friends. Finding aid.
Oral History: December 27, 1969 (13 pages); February 6, 1970 (14 pages); May 2, 1970 (13 pages); January 27, 1972 (14 pages); and February 1, 1973 (14 pages). Interviews for CBS with Walter Cronkite.
Oral History: January 8, 1971 (22 pages), interviewed by Raymond Henle, director, Herbert Hoover Library. Copyrighted.
Oral History: August 12, 1969 (23 pages), portions restricted; May 21, 1965 (25 pages) concerning his education and educational views; June 3, 1963 (17 pages) conversation with Ted Sorensen; and September 13, 1968 (14 pages and 18 pages) remarks at a White House buffet dinner for staff.
Oral History: Discussed in 1,221 interviews with over 800 individuals. 43 interviews are restricted. Finding aid. Numerous transcripts are available on the LBJ library web server.

John F. Kennedy Library

Boston, MA
Papers: Correspondence and papers in Lincoln Gordon papers, 1936-1970; Pierre Salinger White House staff files, 1960-1964; Godfrey T. McHugh White House staff files, 1961-1964; Dean F. Markham White House staff files, 1962-1965; Myer Feldman White House staff files, 1961-1964; Charles Antone Horsky White House staff files, 1961-1965; Christian Archibald Herter White House staff files, 1962-1967; Richard E. Neustadt papers, 1949-1972; and Lawrence F. O'Brien papers, 1960-1972.
Oral History: Discussed in interview (March 30, 1970) with Hubert Humphrey, 57 pages.

Library of Congress
Manuscript Division

Washington, DC
Papers: 1963-1973. 101 items. Chiefly photcopies of privately owned miscellaneous material by, to, or relating to Johnson.
Additional Papers: Presidential desk diary and appointment logs (1959-1969), on 31 microfilm reels; cabinet meeting minutes and documents (1963-1969), on 58 microfilm reels; and papers concerning civil rights (1963-1969), on 69 microfilm reels. Originals in Lyndon Baines Johnson Library. Also correspondence in Joseph Rauh papers, 1913-1986 (bulk 1950-1984); Roy Wilson Howard papers, 1911-1966; and Harold L. Ickes papers, 1906-1952.
Oral History: Discussed in Thomas G. Corcoran interview in the Thomas G. Cocoran collection. Original in Lyndon Baines Johnson Library.

Minnesota Historical Society

St. Paul, MN
Papers: In Shelton B. Granger papers, 1947-1972; and Geri M. Joseph papers, 1946-1988, written permission needed until 1999.
Oral History: Discussed in interview with Hubert Humphrey, March 30, 1970 (57 pages), original in John F. Kennedy Library.

Mississippi State University
Mitchell Memorial Library

Mississippi State, MS
Papers: 1959, 1960. 2 letters in the Hodding and Betty Werlain Carter papers.
Oral History: Mentioned in John Stennis collection interviews.

New-York Historical Society

New York, NY
Papers: January 30, 1964. 1 letter.

Providence College
Phillips Memorial Library

Providence, RI
Papers: 75 items in John O. Pastore papers, 1954-1973; and correspondence in John Edward Fogarty papers, 1939-1967.

Radcliffe College
Schlesinger Library

Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Edith Spurlock Sampson papers, 1927-1979 (bulk 1934-1979); Anna Rosenberg Hoffman papers, 1870-1983; Esther Eggertsen Peterson papers, 1910-1984; Martha May Eliot papers, 1898-1979; and Mary Elizabeth Dreier papers, 1797-1963.
Oral History: Discussed in Katie Louchheim interview (1969, 1978), 100 pages, original in Lyndon B. Johnson Library; and in Esther Peterson interview (1976, 1977, 1983), 327 pages, original in Columbia University Oral History Project.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Hyde Park, NY
Papers: Correspondence in James Roosevelt papers, 1933-1967, partially restricted; James H. Rowe papers, 1924-1983; John Michael Carmody papers, 1900-1958; and a speech in addresses relating to Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1945-1980.

Scott E. Webber Collection

Stony Point, NY
Oral History: Mentioned in James A. Farley interview.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Archives Division

Madison, WI
Papers: In Paul A. Shinkman papers, 1924-1969; John Llewellyn Lewis papers, 1879-1969, available on microfilm; Alexander Wiley papers, 1913-1967; National Press Club speech (1969), 1 tape recording; Wisconsin Scientists, Engineers, and Physicians for Johnson-Humphrey records, 1964-1965; William Finlator papers, 1935-1992, available on microfilm; United Packinghouse, Food, and Allied Workers records, 1937-1982; Gore Vidal papers, 1888-1992; Tere Rios Versace papers, 1941-1977; Dore Schary papers, 1920-1980; David Schoenbrun papers, 1963-1978; Richard Rovere papers, 1931-1968; John B. Oakes papers, 1932-1969, on 6 microfilm reels; videotape and audiotape of 1968 convention address in National Association of Broadcasters records, 1938-1982; Clark Mollenhoff papers, 1936-1990; James Combrowski papers, 1897-1983; Carnegie Commission on Educational Television records, 1954-1954; Irving Caesar papers, 1905-1972; Roland Evans, Jr. papers, 1963-1973; Kenneth Gale Crawford papers, 1911-1983; and transcript of "The Twentieth Century" interview in Burton Benjamin papers, 1957-1985.

Temple University Libraries
Rare Book and Manuscript Collections

Philadelphia, PA
Papers: Correspondence in Joseph A. Livingston papers, 1942-1988.

Texas Tech University
Southwest Collection

Lubbock, TX
Papers: 1951-1974. 823 items. Correspondence, photographs, and printed material. Finding aid.

Harry S. Truman Library

Independence, MO
Papers: In Charles S. Murphy papers, 1947-1981.

University of Georgia
Hargrett Library for Rare Books and Manuscripts

Athens, GA
Papers: Correspondence in the Eugene Robert Black papers, 1917-1974, and Milton Luther Fleetwood papers, 1836-1966.

University of Georgia
Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies

Athens, GA
Papers: Correspondence in John L. Pilcher papers, 1953-1964.

University of Iowa Libraries
Special Collections Department

Iowa City, IA
Papers: 1959-1972. 40 letters.

University of Maryland
McKeldin Library

College Park, MD
Papers: Correspondence in Hervey G. Machen papers, 1964-1968.

University of Michigan
Bentley Historical Library

Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: Correspondence in Frank McKay papers, 1909-1965; Jay G. Hayden scrapbooks, 1916-1965; George Francis Lemble papers, 1958-1968; Harlan Henthorne Hatcher papers, 1931-1967; Stella Brunt Osborn papers, 1916-1983; Margaret Bayne Price papers, 1918-1969; Blair Moody papers, 1928-1954; Gardner Ackley papers, 1937-1987; Hobart Taylor papers, 1961-1981; and Harriett Phillips papers, 1952-1972. Finding aid.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Atkins Library

Charlotte, NC
Papers: Correspondence in Stanford Raynold Brookshire papers, 1960-1972; and Harry Golden papers, 1898-1970.

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA
Papers: 1950, 1964-1965. 8 letters.

University of Texas
Division of Archives and Manuscripts

Arlington, TX
Papers: Correspondence in M.M. McKnight collection, 1922-1978.

University of Texas
Center for American History

Austin, TX
Papers: 1965-1966. 5 items. Speeches, photographs, and portrait.
Papers: Typescripts of Lyndon Johnson's memoir, The Vantage Point, and Lady Bird Johnson's A White House Diary in Margaret Cousins papers, 1921-1973. Also in Jessica Mitford papers, 1949-1973 (bulk 1961-1973).

University of Texas San Antonio
Special Collections

San Antonio, TX
Oral History: Discussed in interviews with Captain Pickett Lumpkin (September 8, 1983), 21 leaves; Walter W. McAllister (July 21, 1976), 35 leaves; and Fenner Roth (May 24, 1978), 32 leaves.

University of Wyoming
American Heritage Center

Laramie, WY
Papers: Correspondence in Louis De Rochemont papers, 1930-1977; and Richard Tregaskis papers, 1943-1973.

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC
Papers: Information concerning work as Johnson's staff assistant in Brooks Hays papers, 1916-1982.

Wayne State University
Walter P. Reuther Library

Detroit, MI
Papers: Correspondence in International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, president Walter P. Reuther records, 1933-1970; and Roy Reuther papers, 1924-1971.

Western Kentucky University Library
Special Collections

Bowling Green, KY
Papers: 1949-1968. 59 items. Correspondence, printed material, and photographs.

Western Reserve Historical Society

Cleveland, OH
Papers: In Cyrus Eaton papers, 1901-1978. Finding aid.

Whitney Museum of American Art Library

New York, NY
Papers: Information on Johnson portrait in Peter Hurd vertical file, 1943-ongoing. Also available on microfilm at Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art.

Yale University Libraries
Manuscripts and Archives

New Haven, CT
Papers: Briefings and papers on Israel in national security files, 1963-1969, on 3 microfilm reels; on Latin America in national security files, 1963-1969, on 13 microfilm reels; minutes and documents of cabinet meetings, 1963-1969, on 17 microfilm reels; Civil rights during Johnson administration, 1963-1969, on 21 microfilm reels; the War in Vietnam national security files, 1964-1968, on 8 microfilm reels, originals in Lyndon Baines Johnson Library; Chester Bowles papers, 1924-1973; Ogden Rogers Reid papers, 1925-1982; Edward Richard Weinerman papers, 1908-1970; John Sylvester Fischer papers, 1907-1980; Anne Morrow Lindbergh papers, 1906-1988; and Alfred White Van Sinderman collection, 1782-1969.
Research Libraries Information Network In addition to the institutions listed above, items are also cataloged in collections at: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, AL; Berea College, Southern Appalachian Archives, Berea, KY; Boise State University Library, Boise, ID; Brigham Young University, Special Collections, Provo, UT; Clemson University Library, Clemson, SC; Cornell University Libraries, Ithaca, NY; Fort Campbell, Don F. Pratt Museum, Fort Campbell, KY; Hagley Museum and Library, Greenville, DE; Harvard Law School Library, Cambridge, MA; Harvard University Archives, Cambridge, MA; Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; Indiana University Northwest Library, Gary, IN; King Library and Archives, Atlanta, GA; National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD; New York Times Archives, New York, NY; Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences Archives, New York, NY; Rutgers University Libraries, New Brunswick, NJ; Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, NY; Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, CA; Syracuse University, George Arents Research Library, Syracuse, NY; University of Minnesota, Immigration History Research Center, St. Paul, MN; University of Oklahoma, Carl Albert Center, Congressional Archives, Norman, OK; University of Oregon, Knight Library, Eugene, OR; University of Rochester, Rush Rhees Library, Rochester, NY; Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, CA; University of Virginia, Alderman Library, Charlottesville, VA; and Western Kentucky University Library, Special Collections, Bowling Green, KY.
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