FAULKNER, Scot M., a Chief Administrative Officer from Massachusetts; born in Northampton, Hampshire County, Mass., 1953; B.A., Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisc., 1975; attended London School of Economics, London, England, 1974; M.P.A., American University, Washington, D.C., 1978; staff, United States Representative Arlen Stangeland of Minnesota, 1977–1978; staff, United States Representative John Ashbrook of Ohio, 1979–1980; personnel staff, White House, 1980–1981; acting administrator, United States Department of Education, 1981–1984; executive assistant, General Services Administration, 1984–1986; country director, United States Peace Corps, 1987; consultant, United States Department of Agriculture, 1988–1989; director of congressional affairs, Federal Aviation Administration, 1990–1993; professional advocate, 1993–1994; non-profit executive; elected Chief Administrative Officer of the United States House of Representatives for the One Hundred Fourth Congress, and served until his resignation on November 21, 1996 (January 4, 1995–November 22, 1996).

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