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WEBSTER, Daniel, a Representative from New Hampshire and a Representative and a Senator from Massachusetts; born in Salisbury, N.H., January 18, 1782; attended district schools and Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H.; graduated from Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H., in 1801; principal of an academy at Fryeburg, Maine, in 1802; studied law; admitted to the bar in 1805 and commenced practice in Boscawen, near Salisbury, N.H.; moved to Portsmouth, N.H., in 1807 and continued the practice of law; elected as a Federalist from New Hampshire to the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Congresses (March 4, 1813-March 3, 1817); was not a candidate for reelection in 1816 to the Fifteenth Congress; moved to Boston, Mass., in 1816; achieved national fame as counsel representing Dartmouth College before the United States Supreme Court in the Dartmouth College case 1816-1819; delegate to the Massachusetts State constitutional convention in 1820; elected from Massachusetts to the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Congresses and served from March 4, 1823, to May 30, 1827; did not serve in the Twentieth Congress; chairman, Committee on the Judiciary (Eighteenth and Nineteenth Congresses); elected as Adams (later Anti-Jacksonian) on June 8, 1827, to the United States Senate for the term beginning March 4, 1827, credentials presented on December 3, 1827, and took oath of office on December 17, 1827; reelected as a Whig in 1833 and 1839 and served from June 8, 1827, until his resignation, effective February 22, 1841; chairman, Committee on Finance (Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth Congresses); unsuccessful Whig candidate for president in 1836; appointed Secretary of State by President William Henry Harrison and again by President John Tyler and served from 1841 to 1843; again elected as a Whig to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1845, to July 22, 1850, when he resigned; appointed Secretary of State by President Millard Fillmore and served from July 22, 1850, until his death in Marshfield, Massachusetts., October 24, 1852; interment in the Winslow Cemetery.

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External Research Collections

American Antiquarian Society

Worcester, MA
Papers: 1812-1852. 14 items. Fragments of correspondence bearing his signature, brief notes, copy of a speech, and comments on political events.

American Philosophical Society

Philadelphia, PA
Papers: 1 letter to Webster in Eli K. Price papers, 1820-1853; correspondence in Henry Augustus Philip Muhlenberg papers, 1805-1847; Duane family papers, 1770-1933; John Vaughan papers, 1768-1922; Ely Samuel Parker papers, 1794-1946, available on microfilm; and John Kintzing Kane papers, [ca. 1800]-1892.

Boston Public Library

Boston, MA
Papers: 92 items.

Boston University

Boston, MA
Papers: 1838-1852. 3 letters and 1 document.

Brandeis University Library

Waltham, MA
Papers: Correspondence (1840-1843) with Moses Atwood, Rufus Choate, Isaac P. Davis, Henry Fuller, Willard Phillips, Elihu Smith, Jared Sparks, Ray Thomas, and others in Elsie O. and Philip D. Sang collection, 1718-1892. 5 feet.

Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn, NY
Papers: 1832-1851. 7 items. Personal and official correspondence. Finding aid.

Brown University

Providence, RI
Papers: 1843-1851. 4 letters. Also poem (no date) by John Reuben Thompson on Death of Webster.

Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society

Buffalo, NY
Papers: 345 letters as secretary of state in Millard Fillmore papers, 1809-1919. Available on microfilm. Finding aid.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library

New York, NY
Papers: 1828-1837. 29 letters. Business correspondence. Finding aid.

Connecticut Historical Society

Hartford, CT
Papers: 10 items (1816-1852) in various collections. Finding aid.

Cornell University
Rare Books and Manuscript Collections

Ithaca, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Moses Coit Tyler collection, 1779-1899 (bulk 1850-1899); and Marquis de Lafayette collection, 1520-1849.

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH
Papers: 1800-1852. 1,800 items. Available on 41 microfilm reels, with published guide and index. Also photographs, portraits, and memorabilia.

Filson Club Historical Society

Louisville, KY
Papers: 1837, 1842. 2 letters. Also several references in various collections.

Harvard University
Houghton Library

Cambridge, MA
Papers: 1801-1852. Ca. 200 items. 26 letters (1831-1852) from Webster to Harriette Story White Paige; 11 letters (1817-1852) to James William Paige; other correspondence of Webster to the Paiges; rough notes for Webster's Faneuil Hall speech (1841); dedications to volumes 2, 5, 6 of his collected works; and other papers. Finding aid.
Additional Papers: 119 letters and invitations chiefly relating to 1839 European trip and Mrs. Webster's journal of the trip in Daniel and Caroline Webster papers, 1822-1839; 258 letters to Franklin Haven, president of Merchant's National Bank of Boston, in Franklin Haven papers, 1837-1858; and transcripts of official dispatches in Abbott Lawrence papers, 1837-1852 (bulk 1849-1852).

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA
Papers: Correspondence in John William Wallace collection, 1725-1854; John Sergeant papers, 1783-1897; Daniel William Coxe papers, 1793-1868; Hopkinson family papers, 1735-1863; and Roswell L. Colt papers, 1808-1854.

Knox College
Seymour Library

Galesburg, IL
Papers: 3 letters (January 21, 1825; December 18, 1848; June 25, 1847) in Bookfellow foundation autograph collection, 1705-1940.

Library of Congress
Manuscript Division

Washington, DC
Papers: 1800-1900 (bulk 1824-1852). 5 feet. In part, transcripts of ca. 400 original letters at the New Hampshire Historical Society. Correspondence, scrapbook, speeches, clippings, and other papers. Topics include the Bank of the United States, diplomacy, Latin American relations, politics, his early life, public opinion of the administrations of John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, development of the anti-Masonic movement, and Webster's role in Tyler's cabinet. Available on 8 microfilm reels. Finding aid. Also 41 reels of microfilm of originals (1800-1852) at Dartmouth College, with published guide and index. Finding aid.

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore, MD
Papers: 1814-1891. 60 items. Correspondence, drafts of speeches, and family papers. Miscellaneous papers in other collections.

Massachusetts Historical Society

Boston, MA
Papers: Ca. 1,200 items (1800-1865) in various collections. Includes letters, speeches, invitations, receipts, notebooks, photographs and portraits.

New Hampshire Historical Society

Concord, NH
Papers: 1798-1852. Ca. 6 feet. Political, social, business, personal, and family correspondence, especially correspondence with his first wife, Grace Fletcher Webster, and his second wife, Caroline Leroy Webster; addresses; memoranda; articles; and portraits. Includes correspondence relating to the Austrian Revolution and to the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, and notes on Webster's "Reply to Hayne", and "Seventh of March" speeches. Available on 10 microfilm reels. Finding aid.

New-York Historical Society

New York, NY
Papers: 1816-1842. 145 items.

New York Public Library

New York, NY
Papers: 1 letter (May 24, 1830) in the James Barbour papers; in Gilbert Holland Montague collection, [ca. 1600-1900]; clippings in Luther R. Marsh scrapbook, 1888-1894; correspondence in George William Gordon papers, 1825-1852 (bulk 1840-1852); Alfred Williams Anthony collection, 1679-1944; and William Edgar papers, 1750-1870.

New York State Library
Manuscripts and Special Collections

Albany, NY
Papers: 1 letter (February 18, 1837) to O.K. Barrell; correspondence in John Ellis Wool papers, 1765-1899; in Autographs of American Statesmen collection, ca. 1770-1865; and Harmanus Bleeker papers, 1801-1885.

Peabody Essex Museum

Salem, MA
Papers: 11 letters. Also items in the Gilbert Streeter correspondence; Watters family papers, 1760-1931; and John Greenleaf Whittier papers, 1781-1922.

Phillips Exeter Academy Library

Exeter, NH
Papers: 1823-1852. Ca. 100 items. Correspondence relating to politics, business, and personal affairs. Finding aid.

Pierpont Morgan Library

New York, NY
Papers: 23 items (1808-1852); and 76 items (1820-1850) on various political topics in the Gilder Lehrman collection. Finding aid.

Princeton University
Seeley G. Mudd Library

Princeton, NJ
Papers: In the Andre deCoppet collection, 1566-1942.

Rutgers University Libraries
Special Collections and University Archives

New Brunswick, NJ
Papers: 1824-1852. 3 letters.

State University of New York
College at Oswego Penfield Library

Oswego, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Millard Fillmore papers, 1817-1889 (bulk 1840-1876).

Temple University Libraries
Rare Book and Manuscript Collections

Philadelphia, PA
Papers: Correspondence in Dallas family papers, 1794-1865.

University of Michigan
William L. Clements Library

Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: 39 items (1821-1851) in several collections including the Hughes, Cass, and Story collections. Business and congressional papers and correspondence. Finding aid.

University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library

Rochester, NY
Papers: 57 letters by and 61 to Webster (1828-1852) in various collections. Finding aid.

University of Virginia
Alderman Library

Charlottesville, VA
Papers: 1800-1852. Ca. 130 items. Additional papers in various collections.

Virginia Historical Society

Richmond, VA
Papers: 5 letters; correspondence in Wise family papers; and numerous items in various collections. Finding aid.

Winterthur Museum

Winterthur, DE
Papers: Appraisal (December 14, 1852) of the estate of Daniel Webster. On 1 microfilm reel.

Yale University Libraries
Manuscripts and Archives

New Haven, CT
Papers: 41 microfilm reels of originals (1800-1852) in Dartmouth College Library; 8 microfilm reels of originals (1800-1900 (bulk 1824-1852)) in Library of Congress; in John McLean papers, 1817-1861, on 18 microfilm reels of originals in Library of Congress; James Watson Webb papers, 1819-1967; Irving Goodwin Vann collection, 1778-1887 (bulk 1822-1887); Harry H. Ensign collection, 1818-1880; Benajah Ticknor papers, 1818-1852; Mary Ann Phelps Montgomery collection, 1746-1939; Johnson family papers, 1769-1886; and George Jacob Abbot papers, 1811-1901.

Dartmouth College Department of History
The Papers of Daniel Webster

Hanover, NH
Research Libraries Information Network In addition to the institutions listed above, items are also cataloged in collections at: Abigail Adams Smith Museum, New York, NY; Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, AL; Broome County Historical Society, Binghamton, NY; Colgate University Library, Hamilton, NY; College of Physicians, Historical Collections, Philadelphia, PA; Emory University, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Atlanta, GA; Friars of the Atonement, Special Collections, Garrison, NY; General Theological Seminary, New York, NY; Hagley Museum and Library, Greenville, DE; Harvard Business School, Baker Library, Boston, MA; Johns Hopkins University, Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Baltimore, MD; New York State Historical Association Library, Cooperstown, NY; New York Society Library, New York, NY; Northwestern Univerisity Library, Evanston, IL; Peabody Museum of Salem, MA; Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, NY; Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia, PA; Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art, Washington, DC; Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, CA; State University of New York, Buffalo, NY; University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, IA; University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library, Ann Arbor, MI; and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA.
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