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RAYBURN, Samuel Taliaferro

RAYBURN, Samuel Taliaferro
Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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RAYBURN, Samuel Taliaferro, a Representative from Texas; born near Kingston, Roane County, Tenn., January 6, 1882; moved to Fannin County, Tex., in 1887 with his parents who settled near Windom; attended the rural schools and was graduated from the East Texas Normal College, Commerce, Tex., in 1903; studied law at the University of Texas at Austin; was admitted to the bar in 1908 and commenced practice in Bonham, Fannin County, Tex.; member of the State house of representatives 1907-1913, and served as speaker during the last two years; elected as a Democrat to the Sixty-third and to the twenty-four succeeding Congresses and served from March 4, 1913, until his death; chairman, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce (Seventy-second, Seventy-third, and Seventy-fourth Congresses); majority leader (Seventy-fifth and Seventy-sixth Congresses), minority leader (Eightieth and Eighty-third Congresses); elected Speaker of the House of Representatives September 16, 1940, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Speaker William B. Bankhead; reelected Speaker in the Seventy-seventh, Seventy-eighth, Seventy-ninth, Eighty-first, Eighty-second, Eighty-fourth, Eighty-fifth, Eighty-sixth, and Eighty-seventh Congresses; died in Bonham, Tex., November 16, 1961; interment in Willow Wild Cemetery.

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External Research Collections

Sam Rayburn Library

Bonham, TX
Microfilm: 1905-1945, 73 reels. Originals from Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Rayburn Library. Correspondence with family and prominent persons, speeches and other papers relating to his congressional career, and newspapers documenting his years in state legislature. Published guide.
Microfilm: 1913-1961, 65 reels. Constituent correspondence, speeches, and other papers relating to legislation, politics, and national and international affairs. Originals at the Center for American History, University of Texas, Austin.
Oral history: ca. 85 oral histories with colleagues, friends, and family.

Michigan State University Libraries
Special Collections

East Lansing, MI
Audio reels: ca. 1944-1961, 5 sound tape reels. Assorted recordings with Sam Rayburn.

Texas Tech University
Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Lubbock, TX
Papers: In the Millard Cope papers, 1830-1974; approximately 4,452 leaves. Persons represented include Sam Rayburn.
Papers: In the Dorothy Rylander papers, 1854-1988; 12,170 leaves. Persons represented include Sam Rayburn.
Oral history: Katy Rayburn Thomas oral history interview, ca. 1969, 1 sound cassette. Katy Rayburn Thomas, sister of Sam Rayburn, discusses his political career and the Rayburn family.

University of Texas at Austin
Briscoe Center for American History

Austin, TX
Papers: 1906-1990, approximately 119 feet. The papers of Sam Rayburn include correspondence, speeches, interviews, newspaper clippings, printed materials, financial records, maps, charts, and reports document his political career. The bulk is correspondence from government officials and constituents. Correspondents include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Hubert H. Humphrey, Adlai E. Stevenson, and John W. McCormack. A small portion comprises Rayburn family correspondence.
Papers: 1935-1968, 2 inches. Copies of Federal Bureau of Information files comprise the Sam Rayburn FBI File, 1935-1968, documenting special investigations and death threats against Sam Rayburn.
Papers: In the Robert L. Hardgrave collection, 1952-1956, 6 items. Correspondents include Sam Rayburn.
Papers: In the D.B. Hardeman collection, 1934-1979, 6 inches. Persons represented include Sam Rayburn.
Papers: In the UT Sam Rayburn Library and Museum collection, 2005-2006, 1 inch. Items relating to the 50th anniversary groundbreaking ceremony at the Sam Rayburn Library and Museum in Bonham, Texas, December 9, 2005: invitations, programs, seating diagrams, speaker bios, napkins, etc. Also material relating to the refurbishing of the museum exhibits.

University of Virginia
Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library

Charlottesville, VA
Papers: In the Alfred Dickinson Barksdale papers, 1905-1973, 7700 items. Persons represented include Sam Rayburn.
Oral history: In the Hugh Scott Oral History Interview Regarding Sam Rayburn, 1980, 1 item. A transcript of an interview of Hugh Scott by Dr. Anthony Champagne of the University of Texas at Dallas, held June 23, 1980. Much of the interview is concerned with former House speaker, Sam Rayburn, although other politicians are mentioned, chiefly in the context of Rayburn's relationships with them.
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