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LORING, George Bailey, a Representative from Massachusetts; born in North Andover, Essex County, Mass., November 8, 1817; attended Franklin Academy at Andover; taught school; was graduated from Harvard University in 1838 and from the medical department in 1842; practiced medicine for a short time in North Andover; surgeon of the marine hospital at Chelsea, Mass., 1843-1850; surgeon of the Seventh Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1842-1844; appointed commissioner to revise the United States marine hospital system in 1849; moved to Salem, Mass., in 1851; appointed postmaster of Salem on May 4, 1853, and served until his successor was appointed on February 16, 1858; member of the State house of representatives in 1866 and 1867; chairman of the Massachusetts State Republican committee 1869-1876; served in the State senate 1873-1876 and was also president of that body; delegate to the Republican National Conventions in 1868, 1872, and 1876; appointed United States centennial commissioner for the State of Massachusetts in 1872; elected as a Republican to the Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth Congresses (March 4, 1877-March 3, 1881); unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1880; United States Commissioner of Agriculture 1881-1885; appointed United States Minister to Portugal, in 1889 and served until his resignation in 1890; died in Salem, Mass., on September 14, 1891; interment in Harmony Grove Cemetery.

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