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LINCOLN, Abraham
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LINCOLN, Abraham, A Representative from Illinois and 16th President of the United States; born in Hardin County, Ky., February 12, 1809; moved with his parents to a tract on Little Pigeon Creek, Ind., in 1816; attended a log-cabin school at short intervals and was self-instructed in elementary branches; moved with his father to Macon County, Ill., in 1830 and later to Coles County, Ill.; read the principles of law and works on surveying; during the Black Hawk War he volunteered in a company of Sangamon County Rifles organized April 21, 1832; was elected its captain and served until May 27, when the company was mustered out of service; reenlisted as a private and served until mustered out June 16, 1832; returned to New Salem, Ill., and was unsuccessful as a candidate for the State house of representatives; entered business as a general merchant in New Salem; postmaster of New Salem 1833-1836; deputy county surveyor 1834-1836; elected a member of the State house of representatives in 1834, 1836, 1838, and 1840; declined to be a candidate for renomination; admitted to the bar in 1836; moved to Springfield, Ill., in 1837 and engaged in the practice of law; elected as a Whig to the Thirtieth Congress (March 4, 1847-March 3, 1849); did not seek a renomination in 1848; an unsuccessful applicant for Commissioner of the General Land Office under President Taylor; tendered the Governorship of Oregon Territory, but declined; unsuccessful Whig candidate for election to the United States Senate before the legislature of 1855; unsuccessful Republican candidate for the United States Senate in 1858; elected as a Republican President of the United States in 1860; reelected in 1864 and served from March 4, 1861, until his death; shot by an assassin in Washington, D.C., April 14, 1865, and died the following day; lay in state in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, April 19-21, 1865; interment in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Ill.

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External Research Collections

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Springfield, IL
Papers: 1832-1865. 2 feet. Personal, business, and congressional papers and correspondence, photographs, portraits, and memorabilia. Manuscripts only a portion of the larger collection which contains over 10,000 books titles, 1,000 broadsides, 1,000 prints, and any medium which portrays Lincoln or comments on his life. Finding aid in repository. Restricted.

Boston Public Library

Boston, MA
Papers: 3 letters and an unspecified number of documents.

Boston University

Boston, MA
Papers: Edward Carlton Stone collection of Lincoln letters, 1860-1865. 95 items. Indexed in library's card catalog. Restricted.

Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn, NY
Papers: 6 items of official correspondence (1861-1864) and 7 miscellaneous documents (1858-1911). Finding aid in repository.

Brown University

Providence, RI
Papers: McLellan Lincoln collection, 1789-1939. 1,678 items. Correspondence, documents, and other papers. Published description. Also photocopies and microfilm of originals in other collections.

Cambridge Historical Society

Cambridge, MA
Papers: In the Quincy-Hill-Phillips-Treadwell papers,1699-1969, 2 file boxes (0.83 linear foot). Correspondents include Abraham Lincoln.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library

New York, NY
Papers: ca. 500 items (1860-1934) in the John Wesley Hill collection.

Detroit Public Library
Burton Historical Collection

Detroit, MI
Papers: In Edgar De Witt Jones papers, 1844-1955. ca. 1,090 items. In part photocopies or facsimiles of Lincoln correspondence. Card index in library.

Duke University

Durham, NC
Papers: In U.S. Presidents' papers, 1753-1935. 202 items. Card index in library.

Georgetown University
Special Collections

Washington, DC
Papers: David Rankin Barbee papers, 1886-1956. 25 feet. Focus on events leading up to assassination and on people near the event. Finding aid in library.
Papers: E.H. Swaim collection, 1893-1980. 7 feet. Focus on career of John Wilkes Booth after assassination. Finding aid in library.
Papers: Eugene Boss collection. Especially political ephemera, signed documents, and autographs.
Papers: Lincoln collection of Earl Kubicek. Printed books, pamphlets, journal issues, and other items.

Huntington Library

San Marino, CA
Papers: Lincoln file, 1811-1922. 1,275 items. Artificially assembled collection of Lincolniana written to, by, or about Lincoln, including much about his legal practice and business matters.

Illinois State Archives

Springfield, IL
Papers: 1832-1861. Legislative material, documents and correspondence, and family-related items, all related to his service in state legislature. Index in repository.

Indiana Historical Society

Indianapolis, IN
Papers: 14 scattered letters and documents.

Knox College
Archives and Special Collections, Seymour Library

Galesburg, IL
Papers: 1843-1855. ca. 10 items. Reports of legal cases in Springfield, in which Lincoln served as an attorney. Finding aid in repository.
Papers: 1830-1865, 20th century. 2 feet. Transcripts and photocopies of letters and documents by or about Lincoln concerning his legal and political career. Also printed material. Unpublished calendar in repository.

Library of Congress
Manuscript Division

Washington, DC
Papers: 1774-1948. 48 linear feet (221 containers). The papers of Abraham Lincoln include Lincoln’s first and second inaugural addresses, his preliminary draft of the Emancipation Proclamation, the two earliest known copies of the Gettysburg Address (the Nicolay and Hay copies), his August 23, 1864, memorandum expressing his expectation of being defeated for re-election in the upcoming presidential contest, and a condolence letter written to Mary Todd Lincoln by Queen Victoria following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. The Lincoln Papers are characterized by a large number of correspondents, including friends and associates from Lincoln’s Springfield days, well-known political figures and reformers, and local people and organizations writing to their president. A finding aid is available online.
Papers: Herndon-Weik collection of Lincolniana, ca. 1830-1927. 36 containers. Partial calendar. Register. Also on microfilm (15 reels).
Papers: Subject collection (birth), 1894-1946. 8 items.
Papers: Subject collection (centennial), 1909. 1 item.
Papers: In Mary Todd Lincoln collection, 1861-1909. 19 items.
Papers: 1831-1866. 1 reel of microfilm. Originals in Huntington Library.
Papers: 1838-1934. 2 reels of microfilm. Originals in New York Public Library.

Library of Congress
Rare Book Division

Washington, DC
Papers: The Alfred Whital Stern collection of Lincolniana, 1837-1912. Over 11,100 items. The Alfred Whital Stern collection of Lincolniana includes contemporary newspapers, Lincoln's law papers, sheet music, broadsides, prints, cartoons, maps, drawings, letters, campaign tickets, and other ephemeral items. There are over 1,300 items and 4,000 images from this collection available online.

Lincoln Memorial University
Department of Lincolniana

Harrogate, TN
Papers: 1838-1864. ca. 50 items. Includes correspondence, documents, and law briefs.

Lincoln National Life Foundation

Fort Wayne, IN
Papers: Manuscript materials by, about, or associated with Lincoln, including over 100 letters and autographs.

Mississippi State University
Mitchell Memorial Library

Mississippi State, MS
Papers: In the The Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana, 1768-1992, 1.5 cubic feet. Correspondence and legal documents written by Abraham Lincoln to contemporary lawyers and politicians. Also includes correspondence and legal documents written by or to Lincoln family members, cabinet members, and other military and political leaders, as well as ephemera and broadsides.

Missouri Historical Society

St. Louis, MO
Papers: 1839-1947. ca. 200 items.

New-York Historical Society

New York, NY
Papers: 1860-1865. 137 items.

New York Public Library

New York, NY
Papers: 1849-1865. 52 items. Photocopies of originals privately owned. Inventory in library.

Ohio Historical Society

Columbus, OH
Papers: 1861-1865. 1/4 foot.

Princeton University
Seeley G. Mudd Library

Princeton, NJ
Papers: In the Andre deCoppet collection, 1566-1942. ca. 3,700 items.

Union College
Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library

Schenectady, NY
Papers: Unknown quantity of material dealing with Lincoln and Union College.

University of Chicago Library
Special Collections Research Center

Chicago, IL
Papers: 1608-1918. 2 feet. Lincoln historical collection. Papers relating to Lincoln and his family, including genealogical material, documents, and letters; together with papers of leaders and participants in affairs before, during, and after the Civil War. In part photocopies. Indexed.

University of Michigan
Bentley Historical Library

Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: 1856, 1864. 3 items.

University of Michigan
William L. Clements Library

Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: 1856-1865. 22 letters. Part of Schoff Civil War collection.

Western Reserve Historical Society

Cleveland, OH
Papers: 1841-1870. 237 items. Letters and documents to, from, and about Lincoln.
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