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DAVENPORT, James, (brother of John Davenport of Connecticut), a Representative from Connecticut; born in Stamford, Conn., October 12, 1758; was graduated from Yale College in 1777; served in the commissary department of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War; judge of the court of common pleas; member of the State house of representatives 1785-1790; served in the State senate 1790-1797; judge of Fairfield County Court from 1792 until 1796; elected as a Federalist to the Fourth Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of James Hillhouse; reelected to the Fifth Congress and served from December 5, 1796, until his death in Stamford, Conn., August 3, 1797; interment in North Field (now Franklin Street) Cemetery.

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External Research Collections

Connecticut Historical Society

Hartford, CT
Papers: 1780-1797. 4 letters. Index in repository.

Newberry Library
Edward E. Ayer Manuscript Collection

Chicago, IL
Papers: 1789, 1 item. A letter from Samuel Holden Parsons to his excellency Governor [Samuel] Huntington written on April 6, 1789. The letter was jointly written by Samuel Parsons and James Davenport on April 6, 1789 to Samuel Huntington, Governor of Connecticut. After treaties with the Wyandot Indians and other tribes comprising the six nations were signed at Fort Harmar (Ohio) in January 1789, Parsons and Davenport became engaged in the sale and settlement of Indian lands under Connecticut claim. In this letter to the Governor, they requested that, like the state of Pennsylvania, Connecticut also appropriate two thousand dollars for the purpose of purchasing and transporting goods to the Indians in Ohio. Mention is also made that the services of Richard Butler, army officer and former Indian commissioner, are available.
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