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BURDICK, Usher Lloyd

BURDICK, Usher Lloyd
Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives


BURDICK, Usher Lloyd, (father of Quentin Northrup Burdick, father–in–law of Jocelyn Birch Burdick, father–in–law of Robert Woodrow Levering), A Representative from North Dakota; born in Owatonna, Steele County, Minn., February 21, 1879; moved with his parents to Dakota Territory in 1882; raised among the Sioux Indians; was graduated from the State normal school at Mayville, N.Dak., in 1900; deputy superintendent of schools of Benson County, N.Dak., 1900-1902; was graduated from the law department of the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis in 1904, teaching school in a business college while attending the university; was admitted to the bar in 1904 and commenced practice in Munich, N.Dak.; member of the State house of representatives 1907-1911, serving as speaker in 1909; moved to Williston, N.Dak., in 1910 and continued the practice of law; Lieutenant Governor 1911-1913; State's attorney of Williams County 1913-1915; assistant United States district attorney for North Dakota 1929-1932; unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination to the Seventy-third Congress in 1932; also engaged in livestock breeding and farming; author; elected as a Republican to the Seventy-fourth and to the four succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1935-January 3, 1945); was not a candidate for renomination in 1944, but was an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for United States Senator; unsuccessful Independent candidate for election in 1944 to the Seventy-ninth Congress; elected to the Eighty-first and to the four succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1949-January 3, 1959); was not a candidate for renomination in 1958; died in Washington, D.C., August 19, 1960; interment on his ranch at Williston, N.Dak.

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External Research Collections

University of North Dakota
Chester Fritz Library Department of Special Collections

Grand Forks, ND
Papers: 1897-1959, 41.25 linear feet. The original deposit of the Usher L. Burdick Papers are divided into 28 subject series. The series are generally arranged alphabetically, as are individual folders within each series. Researchers should be advised that the alphabetical scheme is not followed faithfully in every instance. The type of material found within each series include: correspondence, scrapbooks, speeches and addresses, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, text of bills and other government documents. The correspondence is both incoming and outgoing, from both domestic and international sources, and covers Usher's political, business and personal interests. Seven other additions include personal correspondence, personal notes, and a certificate for his patriotic participation in the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the U.S. Constitution. An inventory is available in the repository and online.
Papers: In the Quentin Northup Burdick papers, 1958-1968, 238.75 linear feet. Persons represented include Usher L. Burdick.
Papers: In the John Burke papers, 1906-1942, 0.50 linear foot. Correspondents include Usher L. Burdick. An inventory is available in the repository.

Duke University
Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library

Durham, NC
Papers: 1937, 7 items. Correspondence concerning the origin and nature of a two-dollar note issued by the Bank of Mecklenburg, Charlotte, N.C., in 1874.

North Dakota State University Libraries
North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies

Fargo, ND
Papers: 1944-1964, 44 items. The papers of Usher Burdick contain a manuscript of an article by him entitled "Tales of the Old West," a list of books written by Usher Burdick, and newspaper clippings. Also included is a term paper by Thomas Kuddles relating to Usher Burdick's career.
Papers: In the North Dakota Farm Holiday Association records, ca. 1932-1970, 8 items. Persons represented include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the John N. Page papers, 1917-1954, 42 items. The papers include copies of political newsletter of Usher L. Burdick entitled Burdick Bronco Buster.
Papers: In the John D. Paulson papers, ca. 1932-1998, 0.6 linear foot. Persons represented include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the Oliver Rosenberg Collection of papers, 1933-1954, 25 items. Correspondents include Usher Burdick.

State Historical Society of North Dakota

Bismarck, ND
Papers: ca. 1730-1958, 11.5 cubic feet. Consists of manuscript copies of articles written by Usher Burdick, entitled "The Last Battle of the Sioux Nation", and "The Murder Trial of Antoine de Vallombrosa, Marquis de Mores"; a biographical sketch of John Leach; notes and drawings concerning the Battle of the Little Big Horn sketched by Burdick and drawn by Harry Imai; speeches ; newsletters, "Your Congressman Comments"; and copies of House bills introduced by Burdick.
Papers: ca. 1930, 2 items. Two posters with room to fill in date advertising Holiday meetings where Usher L. Burdick would speak on home debts, refinance, and the Holiday debt cancellation bill.
Photographs: In the Usher L. Burdick photograph collection, 1917-1953, 20 items. The collection includes photographs of west side of Main St. in Mandan; Charles Eastman; Dr. William Porter; Dr. Henry R. Porter; Major James McLaughlin; Sioux children at St. Michael's Mission in 1937, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in 1924; Bert Groom, U. L. Burdick and Brady Morrow with Percheron horses that Burdick raised; man with two horses standing in front of barn at Wild Rose Stock farm in Munich (ND) in 1953; short horn heifer raised by Usher L. Burdick; U.L. Burdick's 1919 cattle herd; Star Eyes and White Lily at St. Michael Mission in 1937; and train wreck at Brockton (MT) in 1917.
Papers: In the Usher and Emma Burdick family correspondence, ca. 1901-1940, 0.5 cubic foot. Persons represented include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the Edward Converse Blackorby manuscript, 1998, 0.5 cubic foot. The collection includes word processed manuscript of a biography of Usher L. Burdick, attorney, judge, legislator, lieutenant governor, member of US House of Representatives, historian, and author. It is based on research from the documentary collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The manuscript includes an introduction and 19 chapters with margin notes and endnotes.
Papers: In the Frances Daniels papers, ca. 1950, 2 cubic feet. Persons represented include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America. Local 74 (Minot, N.D.), 1936-1985, 2 feet. Correspondents include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the North Dakota congressional delegation newsletter collection, 1935-2010, 0.5 cubic foot. Persons represented include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party records, 1906-2009, 37.75 cubic feet. Persons represented include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the J. Dexter Peirce papers, 1795-1945, 0.25 foot. Correspondents include Usher Burdick.
Papers: In the Kenneth W. Simons papers, 1933-1951, 1.25 feet. Correspondents include Usher Burdick.
Photographs: In the Superintendent's correspondence photograph collection, 1891-1959, 226 images. Persons represented include Usher Burdick.

Yale University
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

New Haven, CT
Papers: 1945-1972, 0.75 linear foot. The papers of Usher Burdick consist of correspondence, office files, printed material, and photographs relating to Congressman Burdick's attempt to assist in Ezra Pound's release from St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Correspondents include Ezra and Dorothy Pound, Rex Lampman, Witter Bynner, Cyril Clemens, and Thurman Arnold. Usher Burdick's files on Ezra Pound's case include copies of Ezra Pound's indictment for treason and the 1945 court judgments against him; copies of a Library of Congress Legislative Service Report on Ezra Pound; a copy of the 1957 House resolution submitted by Usher Burdick to Congress for Ezra Pound's release; and copies of Usher Burdick's statements to Congress on the case. The papers also contain newspaper and magazine clippings about Ezra Pound and photographs of Ezra Pound on and after his release in April 1958.
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Bibliography / Further Reading

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