Adjusting to a New Reality

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“We landed and there were all sorts of people with, with automatic weapons and SWAT gear surrounding us, surrounding the helicopters, guarding the Members when we were on the steps . . . there was just, there was a real feeling–it was dusk, you could see the smoke coming out of the Pentagon. There was a real feeling of, ‘Boy, this is something new and different that we’ve never been through before.’”
Steve Elmendorf, June 1, 2011
   Chief of Staff, Representative Richard
   A. Gephardt of Missouri


Questions after the Attack

Uncertainty after September 11th.

John Stopher, Professional Staff Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Subcommittee on Technical and Tactical Intelligence
Interview recorded June 9, 2011 Deed of Gift

Security Changes

Lasting effects of September 11th on security at the Capitol.

Steve Elmendorf, Chief of Staff, Representative Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri
Interview recorded June 1, 2011 Deed of Gift


September 12th

Personal recollections of the day after the attacks.

Melissa Koloszar, Legislative Director, Representative James P. Moran of Virginia
Interview recorded June 16, 2011 Deed of Gift
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