Paths to Congress

Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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Each interviewee has a unique story of her journey to Capitol Hill. This collection of clips showcases the diverse backgrounds that led women Members and staff to Congress, whether it was growing up in a political family, experience in the state legislature, or a commitment to public service. Listen to campaign stories from former Members as well as personal accounts of the hiring process from former staff.

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Gender and the Campaign

The Honorable Yvonne Brathwaite Burke reflects on California's political atmosphere during her congressional campaign in 1972.

The Honorable Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, U.S. Representative of California
Interview recorded July 22, 2015 Deed of Gift
Transcript (PDF)

Answering the Call to Run for Congress

The Honorable Eva M. Clayton describes her reasons for running for Congress in 1968.

The Honorable Eva M. Clayton, U.S. Representative of North Carolina
Interview recorded May 15, 2015 Deed of Gift
Transcript (PDF)

"I Wasn't Supposed to Win"

The Honorable Constance A. Morella reflects on her personable campaigning efforts in 1986.

The Honorable Constance A. Morella, U.S. Representative of Maryland
Interview recorded June 16, 2015 Deed of Gift
Transcript (PDF)

Role of Gender in the Campaign

The Honorable Patricia Scott Schroeder describes the way the media, the public, and her new colleagues reacted to her candidacy as a married woman with young children.

The Honorable Patricia Scott Schroeder, U.S. Representative of Colorado
Interview recorded June 3, 2015 Deed of Gift
Transcript (PDF)

Family and Politics

Betsy Wright Hawkings recalls the political allegiances in her family and how her mother gave her the confidence to be ambitious.

Betsy Wright Hawkings, Chief of Staff, Representative Christopher Shays of Connecticut
Interview recorded April 18, 2016 Deed of Gift
Transcript (PDF)

"A Long Line of Politicians"

The Honorable Susan Molinari remembers growing up in a political family.

The Honorable Susan Molinari, U.S. Representative of New York
Interview recorded January 8, 2016 Deed of Gift
Transcript (PDF)