Relationships in Congress

Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration
Many women Members and staff established social and political networks with their peers. Mentors and role models provided guidance with the rules and traditions of the House of Representatives. Through the Congresswomen's Caucus or informal social gatherings, women were able to share experiences with colleagues and build coalitions to implement their legislative agenda. Their stories highlight the central role of personal and professional relationships in the day-to-day activities on Capitol Hill.


"Do Not Let Friendship Leave Your Voice"

Judy Lemons discusses her strategy for success on the Hill.
Judy Lemons, Chief of Staff, Representative Nancy Pelosi of California
Interview recorded July 19, 2016 Deed of Gift

Harsh Reality

The Honorable Lynn C. Woolsey remembers learning why some Members did not prioritize creating friendships within Congress.
The Honorable Lynn C. Woolsey, U.S. Representative of California
Interview recorded March 7, 2016 Deed of Gift

Dressing for Congress

The Honorable Beverly Barton Butcher Byron discusses the wardrobe expectations for Members of Congress.
The Honorable Beverly Barton Butcher Byron, U.S. Representative of Maryland
Interview recorded June 15, 2016 Deed of Gift

Common Bond Between Staff Members

Linda Steele explains the uncertainty of working in a Member office.
Linda Steele, Deputy Chief of Staff, Representative Bob Michel of Illinois
Interview recorded June 7, 2016 Deed of Gift

Sharing a Desk

Muftiah McCartin remembers sharing a desk with the only other woman in the office, Gay Topper.
Muftiah McCartin, Staff Director, House Committee on Rules
Interview recorded January 29, 2016 Deed of Gift

Hiring Women

The Honorable Sue Myrick recalls employing and promoting women whenever possible.
The Honorable Sue Myrick, U.S. Representative of North Carolina
Interview recorded March 14, 2016 Deed of Gift

Generational Divide

The Honorable Patricia Scott Schroeder relays her surprise at the generational divide between women Members.
The Honorable Patricia Scott Schroeder, U.S. Representative of Colorado
Interview recorded June 3, 3015 Deed of Gift

Delicate Balance

The Honorable Elizabeth Holtzman discusses the ways women Members overcame political divisions to collaborate on several significant issues.
The Honorable Elizabeth Holtzman, U.S. Representative of New York
Interview recorded March 10, 2016 Deed of Gift

John Mink's Role in Representative Mink's Career

Gwendolyn Mink describes her father's role in her mother's political career.
Gwendolyn Mink, daughter of the Honorable Patsy Takemoto Mink of Hawaii
Interview recorded March 14, 2016 Deed of Gift

Accepted by Ways and Means

The Honorable Barbara Bailey Kennelly remembers building relationships with Members on the Ways and Means Committee.
The Honorable Barbara Bailey Kennelly, U.S. Representative of Connecticut
Interview recorded September 9, 2015 Deed of Gift

"Strong Women"

The Honorable Constance A. Morella shares memories of the Lindy Claiborne Boggs Room, a retiring space for women Members.
The Honorable Constance A. Morella, U.S. Representative of Maryland
Interview recorded June 16, 2015 Deed of Gift