Oral History Transcripts

Below is a list of the available interview transcripts for the Office of the Historian's oral history program. New transcripts will be added periodically as additional interviews are completed and processed. For more information, please contact the Office of the Historian at (202) 226-1300, or via email at history@mail.house.gov

NameLast Position HeldTranscript
Anderson, Donnald K.Clerk of the HousePDF
Andrews, George W., III     House PagePDF
Anness, Albert R. House PagePDF
Atkins, Mary EllenSecretary, U.S. Representative Karl Le Compte of IowaPDF
Bartlett, JoeClerk to the MinorityPDF
Bentley, Helen DelichU.S. Representative of MarylandPDF
Berkley, ShelleyU.S. Representative of NevadaPDF
Boxer, BarbaraU.S. Representative and Senator of CaliforniaPDF
Burke, Yvonne BrathwaiteU.S. Representative of CaliforniaPDF
Byron, Beverly Barton ButcherU.S. Representative of MarylandPDF
Capps, LoisU.S. Representative of CaliforniaPDF
Clayton, Eva M. U.S. Representative of North CarolinaPDF
Dellums, Ronald V.U.S. Representative of CaliforniaPDF
Dingell, John, Jr.U.S. Representative of  Michigan PDF
Dornatt, Rochelle      Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Sam Farr of CaliforniaPDF
Edwards, Donna F.      U.S. Representative of MarylandPDF
Furse, ElizabethU.S. Representative of OregonPDF
Garrigan, MylesHouse PagePDF
Gille, KathyExecutive Floor Assistant, U.S. Representative David Bonior of MichiganPDF
Goodwin, BillHouse PagePDF
Hawkings, Betsy WrightChief of Staff, U.S. Representative Christopher Shays of ConnecticutPDF
Hinds, Elizabeth AndrewsDaughter of U.S. Representatives George and Elizabeth Andrews of AlabamaPDF
Holtzman, Elizabeth     U.S. Representative of New YorkPDF
Jason, BenjaminMetropolitan Police Officer, Washington, DCPDF
Johnson, Arva MarieOfficer, U.S. Capitol Police DepartmentPDF
Johnson, Nancy LeeU.S. Representative of ConnecticutPDF
Kelly, PatEditor, House Daily DigestPDF
Kelly, Sue W.U.S. Representative of New YorkPDF
Kennelly, Barbara BaileyU.S. Representative of ConnecticutPDF
Keys, Martha ElizabethU.S. Representative of KansasPDF
Lemons, JudyChief of Staff, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi of CaliforniaPDF
Lemov, Michael R.Chief Counsel, House Energy and Commerce CommitteePDF
Long Thompson, Jill LynetteU.S. Representative of IndianaPDF
Looper, FeldaHouse PagePDF
McCartin, MuftiahStaff Director, House Rules CommitteePDF
Melconian, Linda     Assistant Counsel and Legislative Assistant, Speaker Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neill, Jr., of MassachusettsPDF
Mink, GwendolynDaughter of U.S. Representative Patsy Takemoto Mink of HawaiiPDF
Mitchell, FrankHouse PagePDF
Molinari, SusanU.S. Representative of New YorkPDF
Morella, Constance A. U.S. Representative of MaylandPDF
Morisey, MurielSenior Legislative Assistant, U.S. Representative Shirley Chisholm of New YorkPDF
Murphy, John AllenMetropolitan Police Officer, Washington, DCPDF
Myrick, SueU.S. Representative of North CarolinaPDF
Oakar, Mary RoseU.S. Representative of OhioPDF
Patterson, Elizabeth J.U.S. Representative of South CarolinaPDF
Pryce, Deborah D.U.S. Representative of OhioPDF
Roberts, CokieCongressional CorrespondentPDF
Ros-Lehtinen, IleanaU.S. Representative of FloridaPDF
Rupp, GlennHouse PagePDF
Schneider, ClaudineU.S. Representative of Rhode IslandPDF
Schroeder, Patricia ScottU.S. Representative of ColoradoPDF
Schwartz, Allyson Y.U.S. Representative of PennsylvaniaPDF
Schwartz, Patricia (Tish) SpeedChief Clerk/Administrator, House Committee on the JudiciaryPDF
Scott, Carlottia Chief of Staff, U.S. Representatives Ronald V. Dellums and Barbara Lee of CaliforniaPDF
Steele, LindaDeputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Robert Michel of IllinoisPDF
Strickland, JoeChief Reporter, Office of Official ReportersPDF 
Swanson, IrvingReading ClerkPDF
Tate, TinaDirectory, House Radio-TV GalleryPDF
Tsongas, Nicola S. (Niki)U.S. Representative of MassachusettsPDF
West, Benjamin C.Superintendent, House Daily Press GalleryPDF
Woolsey, Lynn C.U.S. Representative of CaliforniaPDF