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Abzug, Liz Daughter of U.S. Representative Bella Savitzky Abzug of New York Transcript (PDF) View All
Addison, Roger Registration and Compliance Clerk, Office of the Clerk 1988–2019 Transcript (PDF) View All
Anderson, Donnald K. Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives; Assistant Enrolling Clerk; Elevator Operator; Clerk, House Finance Office; Assistant Manager, Democratic Cloakroom; House Page 1960–1995 Transcript (PDF) View All
Andrews, George III House Page; Son of U.S. Representatives George and Elizabeth Andrews of Alabama 1961–1964 Transcript (PDF) View All
Anness, Albert R. House Page 1949–1951 Transcript (PDF) View All
Atkins, Mary Ellen Secretary, U.S. Representative Karl Le Compte of Iowa 1943–1947 Transcript (PDF) View All
Bartlett, Joe House Page; Reading Clerk; Clerk to the Minority 1941–1944
Transcript (PDF) View All
Bentley, Helen Delich U.S. Representative of Maryland 1985–1995 Transcript (PDF) View All
Berkley, Shelley U.S. Representative of Nevada 1999–2013 Transcript (PDF) View All
Boxer, Barbara U.S. Representative and Senator of California 1983–2017 Transcript (PDF) View All
Brown, Clarence J. Jr. U.S. Representative of Ohio 1965–1983 Transcript (PDF) View All
Burke, Yvonne Brathwaite U.S. Representative of California 1973–1978 Transcript (PDF) View All
Butler-Gee, Eve Journal Clerk, Office of the Clerk 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Byron, Beverly Barton Butcher U.S. Representative of Maryland 1979–1993 Transcript (PDF) View All
Capps, Lois U.S. Representative of California 1998–2017 Transcript (PDF) View All
Clay, William Lacy Sr. U.S. Representative of Missouri 1969–2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Clayton, Eva M. U.S. Representative of North Carolina 1991–2003 Transcript (PDF) View All
Coleman, Clare Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Nita M. Lowey of New York 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Coughlin, Reverend Daniel Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Creedon, Father Gerry Guest Chaplain, Pastor, St. Charles Church, Arlington, VA View All
Dellums, Ronald V. U.S. Representative of California 1971–1998 Transcript (PDF) View All
Diego, Dannie Legislative Assistant and Scheduler, U.S. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney of New York 2001 View All
Dingell, John David, Jr. House Page; U.S. Representative of Michigan 1955–2015 Transcript (PDF) View All
Dornatt, Rochelle Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Sam Farr of California 1981–2017 Transcript (PDF) View All
Edwards, Donna F. U.S. Representative of Maryland 2008–2017 Transcript (PDF) View All
Edwards, William Jackson (Jack) U.S. Representative of Alabama 1965–1985 View All
Elmendorf, Steve Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Richard Gephardt of Missouri 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Feehery, John Press Secretary, Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois 2001 View All
Ferguson, Michael U.S. Representative of New Jersey 2001–2009 Transcript (PDF) View All
Findley, Paul U.S. Representative of Illinois 1961–1983 View All
Flynn, Francesca J. Nurse, Office of the Attending Physician 2001 View All
Frost, J. Martin U.S. Representative of Texas 1979–2005 Transcript (PDF) View All
Fuentes, Jennice Legislative Assistant, Resident Commissioners Jaime Fuster and Antonio J. Colorado; Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois 1988–2013 Transcript (PDF) View All
Furse, Elizabeth U.S. Representative of Oregon 1993–1999 Transcript (PDF) View All
Garrigan, Myles House Page 1941–1943 Transcript (PDF) View All
Gaston, Brian Director of Policy, U.S. Representative Richard K. Armey of Texas 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Gille, Kathy Executive Floor Assistant, U.S. Representative David Bonior of Michigan 1981–2002 Transcript (PDF) View All
Goodwin, Bill House Page 1953–1955 Transcript (PDF) View All
Gunderson, Brian Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Richard K. Armey of Texas 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Hart, Melissa A. U.S. Representative of Pennsylvania 2001–2007 Transcript (PDF) View All
Hastert, J. Dennis Speaker of the House; U.S. Representative of Illinois 1987–2007 View All
Hawkings, Betsy Wright Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Christopher Shays of Connecticut 1987–1996
Transcript (PDF) View All
Heimov, Brett Administrative Assistant, U.S. Representative Jerrold L. Nadler of New York 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Hillings, Joseph House Page; Assistant Journal Clerk for the Minority, Office of the Clerk 1953–1955
View All
Hinds, Jane Andrews Daughter of U.S. Representatives George and Elizabeth Andrews of Alabama Transcript (PDF) View All
Holtzman, Elizabeth U.S. Representative of New York 1973–1981 Transcript (PDF) View All
Jason, Benjamin Metropolitan Police, Washington, DC Transcript (PDF) View All
Johnson, Arva Marie Officer, U.S. Capitol Police Force 1974–2007 Transcript (PDF) View All
Johnson, Charles W. Parliamentarian of the U.S. House of Representatives 1994–2004 Transcript (PDF) View All
Johnson, James House Page 1959–1961 Transcript (PDF) View All
Johnson, Nancy Lee U.S. Representative of Connecticut 1983–2007 Transcript (PDF) View All
Kanjorski, Paul E. House Page; U.S. Representative of Pennsylvania 1985–2011 Transcript (PDF) View All
Kelly, Pat Daughter of U.S. Representative Edna Kelly of New York; Committee Staff, Committee on Un-American Activities and Committee on Rules; Legislative Assistant, U.S. Representatives Edna Kelly, Martha Griffiths, Matthew McHugh; Assistant Enrolling and Bill Clerk, Office of the Clerk; Editor of Daily Digest 1957–2011 Transcript (PDF) View All
Kelly, Sue W. U.S. Representative of New York 1995–2007 Transcript (PDF) View All
Kennelly, Barbara Bailey U.S. Representative of Connecticut 1981–1999 Transcript (PDF) View All
Keys, Martha Elizabeth U.S. Representative of Kansas 1975–1979 Transcript (PDF) View All
Kimball, Robert Legislative Assistant, U.S. Representative John V. Lindsay of New York 1963–1965 View All
Koloszar, Melissa Legislative Director, U.S. Representative James P. Moran of Virginia 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Lasch, Ron Republican Floor Assistant and Minority Postmaster Transcript (PDF) View All
Lemons, Judy Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi of California 1976–2002 Transcript (PDF) View All
Lemov, Michael Chief Counsel, House Energy and Commerce Committee 1970–1977 Transcript (PDF) View All
Lewis, John R. U.S. Representative of Georgia 1987–2020 Transcript (PDF) View All
Long Thompson, Jill Lynette U.S. Representative of Indiana 1989–1995 Transcript (PDF) View All
Looper, Felda House Page 1973 Transcript (PDF) View All
Lykes, Rayne Staff Assistant, Office of the Clerk 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Marston, Charles Assistant Superintendent, House Press Gallery Transcript (PDF) View All
McCartin, Muftiah Assistant Parliamentarian; Staff Director, House Rules Committee 1976–2010 Transcript (PDF) View All
Meek, Kendrick B. U.S. Representative of Florida; Son of U.S. Representative Carrie Meek of Florida 2003–2011 View All
Melconian, Linda Assistant Counsel and Legislative Assistant, Speaker of the House Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neill, Jr., of Massachusetts 1971–1981 Transcript (PDF) View All
Michaelson, Mike Assistant Superintendent, House Radio-TV Gallery 1973–1975 View All
Mills, Jim Senior Capitol Hill Producer, Fox News Channel Transcript (PDF) View All
Mink, Gwendolyn Daughter of U.S. Representative Patsy Mink of Hawaii Transcript (PDF) View All
Mitchell, Frank House Page 1965–1966 Transcript (PDF) View All
Molinari, Susan U.S. Representative from New York 1989–1999 Transcript (PDF) View All
Molloy, James (Jim) T. Doorkeeper of the U.S. House of Representatives 1973–1995 View All
Morella, Constance U.S. Representative of Maryland 1987–2003 Transcript (PDF) View All
Morisey, Muriel Senior Legislative Assistant, U.S. Representative Shirley Chisholm of New York 1971–1974
Transcript (PDF) View All
Mullins, Donna Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Rodney P. Frelinghuysen of New Jersey 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Murphy, John Allen Metropolitan Police, Washington, DC Transcript (PDF) View All
Myrick, Sue U.S. Representative of North Carolina 1995–2013 Transcript (PDF) View All
Oakar, Mary Rose U.S. Representative of Ohio 1977–1993 Transcript (PDF) View All
Oshins, Jeffrey House Page 1965–1965 View All
Oxley, Michael G. U.S. Representative of Ohio 1981–2007 View All
Patterson, Elizabeth J. U.S. Representative of South Carolina 1987–1993 Transcript (PDF) View All
Payne, Jeannie Tour Guide, Capitol Guide Service, Office of the Architect of the Capitol 2001 View All
Pryce, Deborah D. U.S. Representative of Ohio 1993–2009 Transcript (PDF) View All
Quaadman, Tom Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Vito J. Fossella, Jr., of New York 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Roberts, Cokie Congressional Correspondent; Daughter of U.S. Representatives Hale and Lindy Boggs of Louisiana Transcript (PDF) View All
Rogers, Julia House Page 2001 View All
Rogers, Tyler House Page 2001 View All
Rohan, Jim Deputy Chief of Police, U.S. Capitol Police 2001 View All
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana U.S. Representative of Florida 1989–2019 Transcript (PDF) View All
Rupp, Glenn House Page 1932–1936 Transcript (PDF) View All
Saiki, Patricia U.S. Representative of Hawaii 1987–1991 Transcript (PDF) View All
Schneider, Claudine U.S. Representative of Rhode Island 1981–1991 Transcript (PDF) View All
Schroeder, Patricia Scott U.S. Representative of Colorado 1973–1997 Transcript (PDF) View All
Schwartz, Allyson Y. U.S. Representative of Pennsylvania 2005–2015 Transcript (PDF) View All
Schwartz, Patricia (Tish) Speed Chief Clerk Administrator, House Committee on the Judiciary 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Scott, Carlottia Chief of Staff, U.S. Representatives Ronald V. Dellums and Barbara Lee of California 1979–2000 Transcript (PDF) View All
Short, Paula Scheduler and Executive Assistant, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi of California 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Smith, Linda U.S. Representative of Washington 1995–1997 Transcript (PDF) View All
Stanton, Zack House Page 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Steele, Linda Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Representative Robert Michel of Illinois 1961–1993 Transcript (PDF) View All
Stopher, John Professional Staff Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
Strickland, Joe Chief Reporter, Office of the Clerk 1993–2015 Transcript (PDF) View All
Swanson, Irving Reading Clerk, Office of the Clerk 1940–1943
Transcript (PDF) View All
Tanner, Reverend Doug Founder, Faith & Politics Institute View All
Tate, Tina Director, House Radio-TV Gallery 1972–2007 Transcript (PDF) View All
Tsongas, Nicola S. (Niki) U.S. Representative of Massachusetts 2007–2019 Transcript (PDF) View All
Varey, James Chief, U.S. Capitol Police 2001 Transcript (PDF) View All
West, Benjamin C. Superintendent, House Press Gallery 1942–1986 Transcript (PDF) View All
Woolsey, Lynn U.S. Representative of California 1993–2013 Transcript (PDF) View All
Zelenko, Benjamin Counsel, House Committee on the Judiciary 1963–1967 View All