Vacancies and Successors, 105th Congress (1997–1999)

State and District      Reason for Vacancy and Successor
Texas, 28th

The Late Honorable Frank Tejeda (D); deceased 1/30/97.

The Honorable Ciro D. Rodriguez (D). Elected 4/12/97 in Special Run-off Election; sworn 4/17/97. 

New Mexico, 3rd 

The Honorable Bill Richardson (D); resigned, effective 2/13/97.

The Honorable Bill Redmond (R). Elected Elected 5/13/97 in Special Election; sworn 5/20/97.

New York, 13th

The Honorable Susan Molinari (R); resigned, effective 8/02/97.

The Honorable Vito Fossella (R). Elected 11/04/97 in General Election to fill unexpired term; sworn 11/05/97.

California, 22nd 

The Late Honorable Walter H. Capps (D); deceased 10/28/97.

The Honorable Lois Capps (D). Elected 3/10/98 in Special Run-off Election; sworn 3/17/98.

Pennsylvania, 1st 

The Honorable Thomas M. Foglietta (D); resigned, effective 11/11/97.

The Honorable Robert A. Brady (D). Elected 5/19/98 in Special Election; sworn 5/21/98.

New York, 6th

The Honorable Floyd H. Flake (D); resigned, effective 11/17/97.

The Honorable Gregory Meeks (D). Elected 2/03/98 in Special Election; sworn 2/05/98.

California, 44th

The Late Honorable Sonny Bono (R); deceased 1/05/98.

The Honorable Mary Bono (R). Elected 4/07/98 in Special Primary Election; sworn 4/21/98.

California, 9th

The Honorable Ronald Dellums (D); resigned; effective 2/06/98.

The Honorable Barbara Lee (D). Elected 4/07/98 in Special Primary Election; sworn 4/21/98.

New Mexico, 1st

The Late Honorable Steven Schiff (R); deceased 3/25/98.

The Honorable Heather Wilson (R). Elected 6/23/98 in Special Election; sworn 6/25/98.