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Jim Bunning Election Certificate

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Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration


After every congressional election each state certifies its delegation of U.S. Representatives-elect. Following the November 1986 elections, the members of Kentucky’s state board of elections signed this certificate of election for Jim Bunning and transmitted it to the Clerk of the House. The Clerk uses the certificates to determine a Member’s right to a congressional seat and thus compose the roll of Members for each Congress. Bunning’s certificate for the 100th Congress (1987–1989) is part of the official records of the Office of the Clerk.

Before serving on Capitol Hill, Bunning played Major League Baseball from 1955 to 1971, pitching primarily for the Detroit Tigers and the Philadelphia Phillies. Remembered for throwing a perfect game in 1964, he was the first person elected to both the Baseball Hall of Fame and Congress. Interested in financial issues, Bunning served on both the Budget and Ways and Means Committees. He eventually chaired the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security for two Congresses. Following his six terms in the House (1987–1999), Bunning won election to the U.S. Senate, where he served from 1999 until 2011.

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