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Election Credentials of Romualdo Pacheco

Election Credentials of Romualdo Pacheco/tiles/non-collection/e/ec_009imgtile1.xml
Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration


First elected to the House in 1876, Romualdo Pacheco was the first Hispanic-American Representative to serve in Congress. This certificate, signed by California Governor William Irwin on November 10, 1879, verified Pacheco’s second election to the House for the 46th Congress.

After successful careers in mining and ranching, he served as a California state senator and then governor before coming to Congress. Pacheco ran for the House in the 1876 election and won by a single vote. His challenger, Peter D. Wigginton, contested the election, but the California supreme court upheld Pacheco’s win and sent him to Washington. Despite swearing Pacheco in on October 17, 1877, the House continued to investigate the contested election. Eventually deciding in favor of Wigginton, the House unseated Pacheco in early 1878. During the next election, Pacheco again threw his hat in the ring, winning the same House seat in September 1879.

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