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Lindy Boggs Oath of Office

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Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration


Corinne “Lindy” Boggs signed her oath of office on March 27, 1973, seven days after winning a special election to fill the seat of her husband, Hale Boggs. In addition to the verbal oath of office taken en masse by Representatives on the first day of a new Congress, since the 80th Congress Members are also required to sign an oath of office card. The cards are held by the Clerk of the House and become House records.

When the plane Hale Boggs was on disappeared over Alaska during a campaign trip in October 1972, his wife was urged to run for his seat after it was declared vacant. Her decades of experience as political adviser and social coordinator for her husband gave Lindy Boggs a crucial understanding of the House as well as familiarity with its Members, allowing for a natural transition into the role of Representative. Lindy Boggs served another eight terms in the House before retiring in 1991. During her time in Congress, she promoted women’s issues, worked to preserve institutional history, and diligently represented the constituents of her Louisiana district, which included large portions of New Orleans.

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