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West Virginia Statehood

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Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration


This petition, signed and sent in December 1862 by residents of Monongalia County, in what was then western Virginia, asks the House to concur with Senate passage of a bill admitting West Virginia as a state to the Union. The petition was sent during the Civil War and was a direct result of the secession of Virginia from the Union in 1861. Congressman William Gay Brown, a Unionist representing Virginia, introduced the bill known as “A Bill For the admission of the State of ‘West Virginia’ into the Union, and for other purposes,” in the House in June 1862. Although this bill did not pass, the House passed a similar measure (S. 365) in December 1862. Congressman Brown was later elected to represent West Virginia when it was admitted as a state on June 20, 1863.

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