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Thomas Foley Oath of Office

Thomas Foley Oath of Office/tiles/non-collection/e/ec_006imgtile1.xml
Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration


This is an example of the oath of office that is typically signed by Members of the House of Representatives at the beginning of each Congress. In the oath, Members vow to uphold the Constitution and faithfully discharge the duties of their office. This example was signed by Congressman Thomas Foley, who represented the state of Washington from 1965 until 1995. A list of Members who sign oaths is published in the Congressional Record, but the oath cards are records of the House of Representatives and subject to House Rules. In the House records, the other type of oath that Members are required to sign is the “Oath for Access to Classified Information.” Members must sign this oath before looking at classified information, and they agree not to reveal the classified information they access. Congressman Thomas Foley later served as the Speaker of the House from 1989 until 1995.

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