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Raided Treasury Notes

Raided Treasury Notes/tiles/non-collection/c/c_037imgtile1.xml
Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration


This announcement highlights some treasury bonds and notes stolen from the First National Bank of St. Albans in Vermont and warns individuals not to purchase the listed items. On October 19, 1864, the town was invaded by persons who entered from Canada, which at that time was under British rule. It was later discovered that these perpetrators, who robbed several banks and were responsible for one death in St. Albans, were aligned with the Confederacy. After their crime spree, they returned to Canada, which was not uncommon at the time. In 1866, Frederick Woodbridge, a Member of Congress from Vermont, introduced H.R. 778, a bill to provide relief to another bank in St. Albans that was robbed as part of this series of crimes.

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