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Representative Reva Bosone of Utah

July 21, 1983
Representative Reva Bosone of Utah Copyright Washington Post; reprinted by permission of the DC Public Library. During her House service, Reva Bosone of Utah served on the Committee on Public Lands and the House Administration Committee.
On this date, Representative Reva Bosone of Utah, a former Salt Lake City judge, died in Vienna, VA. A two-term Member, Bosone served in the 81st Congress (1949–1951) and 82nd Congress (1951–1953). She specialized in land reclamation, water projects, and reform of the Indian Affairs Bureau. Bosone once observed of the role of a Representative, “the job should be done, whether the required course of action is popular or not. The biggest need in politics and government today is for people of integrity and courage, who will do what they believe is right and not worry about the political consequences to themselves.” A political maverick, she voted against the Subversive Activities Control and Communist Registration Act, believing the government had overstepped its bounds. In 1949, she opposed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Act on the grounds that it invested too much power in an agency that operated under minimal congressional oversight. While fellow Members feared they would be tarred as communist sympathizers if they opposed the measure, Bosone was one of only four ‘No’ votes for the bill. She declared, “I vote my conscience.”

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Since 1917, when Representative Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman to serve in Congress, more than 300 women have followed. Women in Congress documents their service.

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