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The 1953 Congressional Baseball Game

June 05, 1953
The 1953 Congressional Baseball Game Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
About this object
This ticket to the 1953 Congressional Baseball Game admitted the bearer to the fancy box seats.
On this date, Democrats and Republicans in the 83rd Congress (1953–1955) squared off in the Congressional Baseball Game sponsored by the Washington Evening Star. A near annual tradition since 1909, ticket proceeds from the 1953 game were used to send needy children from Prince William County, Virginia, to summer camp. Playing in Griffith Stadium in northwest Washington, D.C., the Members took the diamond at 8:30 in the evening, following an hour of performances from several military bugle and drum corps. The audience of 4,609 included President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who tossed the first pitch. Eisenhower’s Republicans fell short of victory, however, losing to the Democrats 3 to 2. Playing for the winning team was Representative William Jennings Bryan Dorn of South Carolina, who played in the outfield despite suffering a “badly bruised nose” in practice the previous day. Both teams had taken advantage of “spring training,” when Democratic Representative Albert Sydney Herlong of Florida hosted a bipartisan camp in his Daytona Beach district during the congressional recess in early April. “We used to have trouble rounding up two teams of 15 players each,” Herlong observed. “Now, I’m fighting off hordes of Congressmen who have developed a sudden interest in playing ball.” Herlong assured concerned constituents that each Member paid for his own trip and that the training did not “interfere with the work schedule on Capitol Hill.”

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