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Member's Office/tiles/non-collection/c/combo-sink-table-phone.xml Image courtesy of Library of Congress Each Member's office included running water and telephones in addition to work and meeting space for Representatives and staff.
Every aspect of the Cannon House Office Building was designed to help it fill the challenging role of a modern office building supporting an old and venerable institution. The introduction of all this workspace did not, however, leave time-worn traditions and workings of Congress unchanged. The carpeted offices provided room for staff, increasing the amount of work that could be accomplished by Congress. Conveniences, including sinks, forced-air heat, telephones, and electric light fixtures, improved the physical environment and eased communications, creating a completely new and more efficient work environment for the Members. Likewise, the new space also changed the functionality and accessibility of Committees, further expanding the parameters of the relationship between Congress and the public.

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