Historical Data

Terminating Executive Order 9066/tiles/non-collection/A/APA_essay2_51_FordSigningTerminationEO9066_FordLibrary.xml Image courtesy of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library/National Archives and Records Administration President Gerald R. Ford, surrounded by Asian Pacific American Members of Congress, including Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii, Patsy Takemoto Mink of Hawaii, Norman Y. Mineta of California, Spark M. Matsunaga of Hawaii, and Hiram L. Fong of Hawaii, signs a proclamation formally terminating Executive Order 9066 and ending the relocation program.
The following lists were developed to answer reference questions often posed by Member offices, researchers, and the general public. Twenty of the 67 Asian Pacific Islanders (APAs) who have served in Congress are current Members—18 in the House and two in the Senate. In total, there have been 63 APA Members of the House of Representatives and eight Senators. Five have served in both chambers.

Delegate Robert M. Wilcox of Hawaii became the first Asian Pacific American to serve in Congress in 1900. Representative Dalip Saund of California was the first APA Representative in 1957. There have been 16 APA women who have served in Congress. The first APA woman elected to Congress, Patsy Mink of Hawaii, won election to the House in 1964.