Committee Hearings

Hearings and investigations provide forums for House committees to communicate important issues to the public as well as hear what the public has to say. Committees use these opportunities to gather information regarding specific topics within their jurisdiction.

The Judiciary Committee Hearing Room during the Watergate hearings. Image courtesy of the U.S. House of Representatives Photography Office The Judiciary Committee Hearing Room during the Watergate hearings.

Blogs and Highlights

“I Told Everything I Know”: Patty Duke’s Secret Testimony to Congress
A blog about the secret testimony of child actress Patty Duke before a subcommittee investigating corruption on television game shows.

Can I Have this Dance?
A blog describing an effort to make the square dance the national folk dance and the committee hearings that gathered information on the topic.

House Select Committee Investigates Japanese Evacuation and Relocation
A blog discussing the work of a select committee tasked with studying the potential issues of large-scale evacuation and relocation of Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans living on the West Coast.

Integrating Dick and Jane
A blog recounting a series of hearings held to investigate the portrayal of minorities in schoolbooks in 1966.

The House Select Committee on Organized Crime
A historical highlight describing the hearings to investigate the involvement of organized crime in American sports in 1972.

The 1948 Alger Hiss-Whittaker Chambers Hearing Before HUAC
A historical highlight describing the public hearing before the House Committee on Un-American Activities featuring State Department official Alger Hiss and former communist spy and magazine editor Whittaker Chambers.

Records and Photographs

Hearings and Investigations
A collection of records related to House hearings and investigations.

House Labor Committee Hearing
A photograph taken during the House Labor Committee's hearing on expanding coverage of the Wage Act.

Mrs. Roosevelt and Miss MacDonald Attend a Labor Hearing
A photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt attending a Committee on Labor hearing.

Oral History

Michael Lemov Oral History
Michael R. Lemov worked as a committee counsel for seven years in the House, drafting consumer protection legislation, conducting investigations, leading markups, and working to publicize the inner workings of Congress to the public.

Joe Strickland Oral History
Joe Strickland worked as an official reporter on the House Floor and in committees, writing what was said verbatim for the Congressional Record.

Watergate Oral History
An oral history project focused on the impeachment investigation of President Richard M. Nixon and its highly publicized press coverage and televised House proceedings.

Video and Audio Clips
A collection of oral history clips featuring discussions of committee hearings and investigations.