Constituent Service

Constituents contact their Representatives for a number of reasons. And the methods for that communication has varied over the years—from letter writing, to emails, to district meetings. Check out what comes from this congressional custom.

Robert P. Griffin's Traveling Office Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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Robert P. Griffin's Traveling Office


Postcards were used to communicate and promote a politician's accomplishment to their constituents, like Charles Edgar Littlefield did in 1904. Explore other uses of postcards in the House Collection.

Blogs and Highlights

A blog showcasing congressional mobile offices—renovated trailers Representatives used to visit their constitutions—that emerged in the modern era.

Creation of Constituent E-mail System
A historical highlight describing the launch of an email system used for constituents to reach their Representatives.

Oral History

Video and Audio Clips
A collection of oral history clips featuring Members of Congress and staffers reflecting on constituent service.