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5th Congress (1797–1799)

Congressional Profile

Total Membership:

  • 106 Representatives

Party Divisions:*

  • 57 Federalists
  • 49 Democratic Republicans

*Party division totals are based on election day results.

Congressional Pugilists/tiles/non-collection/C/CongressionalPugilists_2004_089_000.xml Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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This 1798 cartoon depicts the infamous fight of Connecticut's Roger Griswold and Vermont's Matthew Lyon.

Congress Overview

France resented America’s 1795 Jay Treaty with England and broke off diplomatic relations with the young country, sparking an undeclared naval war which dominated the 5th Congress (1797–1799). Connecticut’s Roger Griswold and Vermont’s Matthew Lyon brawled on the House Floor after President John Adams recommended that Congress prepare the military while renewing negotiation efforts. When French demands for bribes ended negotiations, Congress established the Navy Department to oversee the fleet, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the draconian Alien and Sedition Acts. As the Congress ended, President Adams announced another round of negotiations with France.

Member Information

  • Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress, (1774–2005), Official Annotated Membership Roster by State with Vacancy and Special Election Information for the 1st Congress. [PDF]
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Leadership & Officers

Speaker of the House:
Jonathan Dayton (F–New Jersey)
Clerk of the House:
Jonathan W. Condy
Sergeant at Arms:
Joseph Wheaton
Chaplain of the House:
Ashbel Green – Presbyterian
Thomas Claxton

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