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44th Congress (1875–1877)

Congressional Profile

Total Membership:

  • 293 Representatives
  • 9 Delegates

Party Divisions:*

  • 182 Democrats
  • 103 Republicans
  • 4 Independents
  • 3 Independent Republicans
  • 1 Independent Democrat

*Party division totals are based on election day results.

Michael Crawford Kerr/tiles/non-collection/s/speaker_kerr_2005_16_28_1.xml Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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Indiana Representative Michael Kerr died during his one term as Speaker of the House.

Congress Overview

The 1874 elections put Democrats in control of the House for the first time since the eve of the Civil War. The 44th Congress (1875–1877) impeached the Secretary of War for bribery, and investigated both the President’s private secretary for defrauding the government and the reckless speculation which squandered the life savings of former slaves. In January 1877 Congress created a special commission to divvy up disputed Electoral College votes from the previous fall’s presidential election. The Electoral Commission awarded all of the disputed votes to Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes, who became President by one electoral vote.

Member Information

  • Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress, (1774–2005), Official Annotated Membership Roster by State with Vacancy and Special Election Information for the 44th Congress [PDF]
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Leadership & Officers

Speaker of the House:
Michael C. Kerr (D–Indiana) 1
Samuel J. Randall (D–Pennsylvania)
Clerk of the House:
George M. Adams
Sergeant at Arms:
Nathaniel G. Ordway
Chaplain of the House:
John George Butler – Presbyterian
S.L. Townsend – Episcopalian
John H. Patterson
James M. Steuart
Clerk at the Speaker's Table:
William H. Scudder
Republican Conference Chairman:
George W. McCrary (R–Iowa)
Democratic Caucus Chairman:
Lucius Q.C. Lamar (D–Mississippi )

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1Died in office, August 19, 1876.