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Painting & Sculpture: Portraits

Portraits form the backbone of the House’s art collection. Hundreds of significant individuals—Speakers, Committee Chairmen, and others—are represented in paintings dating back to the 1780s.

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Gillespie V. (Sonny) Montgomery Gillespie V. (Sonny) Montgomery
Glenn Malcolm Anderson Glenn Malcolm Anderson
Henry Barbosa González Henry Barbosa González
James Albertus Tawney James Albertus Tawney
James Gillespie Blaine James Gillespie Blaine
James Knox Polk James Knox Polk
James Vear Hansen James Vear Hansen
John Bell John Bell
John Charles Linthicum John Charles Linthicum
John Nance Garner John Nance Garner
John William McCormack John William McCormack
John William Wright Patman John William Wright Patman